1916 Bursary


Please Note: Applications for the 1916 Bursary Fund for the 2021-2022 academic are now expected to open in early August 2021.


Incoming 1st year full time and part time students are invited to make an application of intent for the  1916 Bursary. The purpose of this funding is to encourage participation and success by students from sections of society that are significantly under-represented in higher education. Successful recipients who demonstrate significant economic and social disadvantage will each receive a €5,000 bursary per annum[1].

If you are an incoming student in one of the South Cluster higher education institutions (HIEs): Munster Technological University Cork & Tralee Campus, Institute of Technology Carlow, University College Cork and Waterford Institute of Technology you may apply for one of of 35 avialble bursaries on offer. Studnets who are applying to these higher education institutions and that demostrate significant distandvantaged as prescribed by the HEA 1916 bursary criteria may be considered for a bursary. 


What is the value of a 1916 Bursary?
Each student who is awarded the 1916 Bursary Fund will receive a bursary to the amount of €5,000 per annum for the normal duration of a full-time undergraduate programme. A bursary will be awarded for the normal duration of a part-time undergraduate course up to a maximum period of six years.     

Who can apply for a 1916 Bursary? (Eligibility Criteria)

Applications will only be considered from students that meet the following eligibility criteria set out by the Department of Education and Skills such as The applicant must be  from a socio-economically disadvantaged background and can provide evidence of such by demonstrating:

  • Applicant would be eligible for the Special Rate Level of Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) grant




    the household / family gross reckonable income was less than €24,500 in 2020 and includes a Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection means-tested social welfare payment(s).


 Are there any resources and materials to help prepare for the opening of applications?

Yes. On this page we have past examples of materials used to promote the 1916 bursary, including recorded information clinics, document guides and videos. Please be aware that the content of the videos are subject to change and should be viewed as a guide for the 2021/22 applications not a recognised and approved source. 


If you require any further information on the SOAR South Regional Cluster 1916 Bursary please see: https://www.soarforaccess.ie/1916-bursary-fund/


Reminder: Applications for the 1916 Bursary Fund for the 2021-2022 academic are now expected to open in early August 2021 and please email all queries regarding the 1916 Bursary Fund to 1916BursaryQueries@soarforaccess.ie 


[1] Higher Education Authority, ‘1916 Bursary Fund for students from target groups identified as currently being under-represented in higher education, Implementation Guidelines 2019/20’, March 2019, Dublin

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