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What is Uversity?

Uversity’s Scholarships are intended to unlock adult learners’ potential. By providing multi-annual financial support, Uversity’s Scholarships aim to remove the financial barriers to pursue a Bachelor’s degree for the first time. Scholarships are not limited to particular specific subject areas and will enable individuals 23 years or older to complete a Bachelor’s degree in one of the participating institutions in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Uversity understands that there are many financial barriers preventing people from realising their ambitions to receive a Bachelor’s degree. Aside from the direct costs of tuition, fees, books and IT there are day to day living costs such as childcare and transport to pursue a degree. to be taken care of to enable full-time education. Uversity’s Scholarships take account of each individual’s successful candidate’s circumstances and aim to provide financial support for the entire period of study. Payments are made over the course of the degree programme and are subject to continued academic registration and progress.

Scholarship amounts vary depending on the successful recipients’ circumstances and need. In May 2019, Uversity was granted an income disregard for its Higher Education Scholarships for Adult Learners by Ireland’s Department of Education & Skills and the Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection. For successful candidates in the Republic of Ireland, Uversity’s scholarships to a maximum value of €7,000 will not be considered reckonable income for means-tested social welfare benefits and SUSI maintenance grants.

Eligibility Criteria

Uversity’s Scholarships support adult learners, to enrol on and complete a Bachelor’s degree that will transform their lives and those around them.

To be eligible applicants must:

  • be at least 23 years by 1st January 2022
  • be a citizen of an EEA member state or Switzerland AND resident on the island of Ireland for 3 years or more by April 2022 [Date TBC]
  • be returning to higher education in 2022/23 after a break from education or have recently completed a higher education progression / preparation course
  • have applied to or have a deferred offer for a Bachelor’s programme for the 2022/23 academic year.

Please note

  • non-EEA citizens resident on the island of Ireland must have permanent leave to remain by the closing date for applications
  • applicants who currently possess or are enrolled on a Bachelor’s degree ARE NOT ELIGIBLE
  • applicants DO NOT need to have an offer at the time of application but if selected for a scholarship they must receive an offer on a Bachelor’s degree in one of the institutions specified on our website to receive their scholarship
  • preference is given to candidates enrolling on full-time programmes that can normally be completed in a maximum of four years in any subject. Other programmes will be considered on a case by case basis

How to Apply?

Uversity’s application process is online

Before you start an application you should:

  • read Uversity’s Privacy Notice to make sure that you are happy with how they use your personal data
  • know what degree programmes and institution(s) you are applying to. If you don’t or have questions please review Where to study?
  • review the Are you eligible? section above
  • read the Frequently Asked Questions or contact UVersity directly before starting your application

To make an online application please go to

It is advised that you inform yourself of the eligiblity and process criterias prior to making an application on

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