1st Film of the Portuguese Cinema Cycle

3 Oct 2014

Monday, October 6th - 6 pm – Pharmacy CPB LG08

Os Mistérios de Lisboa (What the Tourist Should See)

A Lisbon Guide by Fernando Pessoa


José Fonseca e Costa, 2009 (96 minutes)

Language: English


This film is a documentary based on Fernando Pessoa's Lisbon guide, written in 1925. It is thus a tribute to the poet, and to the city, and ultimately a journey through Portuguese History as it is registered on Lisbon's streets, monuments and buildings.

All films included in the series will showcase themes, directors and productions relevant to the Portuguese context and, when necessary, will include subtitles.

This initiative is free of charge and enjoys the support of the Instituto Camões and the Portuguese Embassy in Dublin.

Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

First Floor - Block B East O'Rahilly Building University College Cork Ireland