Cybercrime in Action: An International Approach to Cybercrime

22 Oct 2021
Cybercrime in Action

Congratulations to Dr Kevin Sweeney and Kevin Hosford on the publication of chapters in the timely book - Cybercrime in Action: An International Approach to Cybercrime - from all your colleagues!

Kevin Sweeney's chapter is entitled 'Policing Cyberspace' and Kevin Hosford's chapter is 'Hacker Generations, Subcultures & Hat Colours. A More Practical Approach to Classification'.

This timely book provides a powerful combination of multidisciplinary and international expertise from academia and law enforcement sectors. The phenomenon referred to as cybercrime covers a multitude of prohibited acts which are often complex and can cross national borders with ease. The impact and consequences of cybercrime are equally diverse and complex including damage to economies, integrity of governance, privacy, national security as well as personal well-being and security to name a few. 

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