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Miriam Cotter MA Scholarship in Creative Writing

At a glance

  • Scholarship Value:
    •  Award of full EU fees 
    •  €7,940 stipend to support the scholar
  • You must already have made a successful application to UCC’s MA in Creative Writing in 2024-2025 to be eligible for this scholarship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to Danny Denton  at
  • Deadline for applications is 18th July, 2024


Creative Writing allows us to interact with and shape our changing world; to study and influence artistic values and practices; and to cultivate inventive and authentic forms of expression. The UCC MA in Creative Writing encourages students to be curious about literature, to pursue creative excellence and to develop their writing in a university atmosphere. The course as a whole encourages and supports a full exploration of the creative self while also maintaining a strong vocational emphasis.

The Miriam Cotter MA Scholarship in Creative Writing will be awarded to a writer of exceptional promise who is writing from a traditionally underrepresented area of society and who has already applied for and been offered a place for full-time registration on UCC’s MA in Creative Writing in 2024-25. Please note this award is only for full-time students who qualify for EU fees status. Click the following link to determine your fee status:


Purpose of the Scholarship

The purpose of the Miriam Cotter MA Scholarship is to encourage participation and success by students who are writing from a traditionally underrepresented (in publishing) area of society, or from communities significantly underrepresented in higher education. We are determined that a proactive approach to diversity and inclusivity is crucial in redressing imbalances of representation and diversity, both on our MA course, and in the wider cultural landscape in which we all work and create. As such, we particularly encourage writers from traditionally underrepresented social backgrounds to apply for our course, and as such would like to provide support to such students through the award of this fund. If you are such a writer, we hope you feel encouraged to submit. Please email with any questions.

Applications for the scholarship are invited from all students who wish to commence an MA in Creative Writing in September 2024. Please note that in order to apply for the scholarship you must already have applied for the MA course and have been offered a place on the course.

Applicants should already have applied through for the programme and award of the Scholarship is contingent on the student being offered a full-time place on the programme.


What types of students do we mean when we refer to ‘underrepresented areas of society’?

Traditionally, the publishing industry has underrepresented writers from the following categories:

  • Writers with a disability
  • Writers from the Irish Traveller community
  • Writers from ethnic minorities
  • Writers from disadvantaged socio-economic groups
  • Writers from diverse backgrounds with regards gender & sexuality
  • Writers who are single parents

Furthermore, the following are the 9 grounds on which discrimination is prohibited in Ireland, under the Equality Act: 1) gender; 2) marital status; 3) family status; 4) sexual orientation; 5) religion; 6) age; 7) disability; 8) race; and, 9) membership of the Traveller community.

If you feel you are writing from an under-represented area of society not represented above, please still apply and outline your position within your application.

The Selection Process

Selection will be made from current applications based on a combination of merit, eligibility & need. Need & eligibility will be assessed via the application form and any applicable supporting documentation, and merit will be assessed via the writing sample provided as part of the student’s original application to the MA.

Students withdrawing from, suspending or repeating their studies, due to illness, bereavement or other exceptional circumstances will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Next Steps for those who qualify under one or more of the Eligibility Categories

  • If you have applied for and been offered a full-time place on the MA in Creative Writing commencing September 2024 then you can apply directly via the link below. Please note this award is only for full-time students who qualify for EU fees status. Click the following link to determine your fee status:
  • Applications are now open. Click here to apply.
  • The deadline for completing the application form will be 18th July, 2024.
  • If successful in your scholarship application, supporting documentation may be required (at the discretion of the award panel)
  • All sections of the form must be completed.
  • The University's general terms & conditions for Scholarships and Grants also apply. Please read them at the following link:  
  • Email with any questions


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