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China Scholarship Council - University College Cork PhD Programme

15 Jan 2020

The primary focus of this programme ls for selected Chinese students to take full PhD study at UCC. If the selected Chinese students successfully complete the requirements of the designated PhD program at UCC and defend their dissertation at UCC, they will be conferred a degree by UCC.

Up to twelve scholarships will be supported per year.

CSC and UCC will support the following areas of study with priority: Science, Engineer & Technology, Food Science, Business, Law and Health Sciences (excluding Medicine & Dentistry). Students will be eligible to study disciplines in any of the above fields at UCC.

Candidates should be intending to pursue study/research in one of the priority academic areas identified by UCC and CSC. However, applicants to other study/research areas will also be considered subject to the availability of relevant programmes of study at UCC.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Candidates will be citizens and permanent residents of the People's Republic of China at the time of application; Overseas Chinese students may be eligible for the awards subject to CSC policy at the time;
  • Successful candidates must return to China upon completion of their studies and/or research;
  • Candidates must hold an offer letter from UCC. They must therefore fulfill the relevant academic entry requirements set by UCC, including a high level of English language proficiency;
  • Candidate should satisfy the selection criteria set out by CSC.
Application and selection process 
  • Candidates should directly apply for admission to UCC before the application deadline set by UCC. Candidates should specify in their application that they wish to apply for the UCC /CSC joint scholarship
  • UCC will evaluate the candidates by April 3rd. UCC will provide CSC and each qualified candidate with a copy of the offer letter. This offer letter should be unconditional in terms of academic performance and English language capability. The offer should also clarify that UCC will cover their full tuition fees and research fees, subject to their obtaining CSC's support
  • After receiving the offer letter from UCC, candidates must also apply to CSC for funding by completing an application for funding and employer reference (forms are available online at by April 30th 
  • CSC will evaluate the candidates according to CSC requirements and priorities, and provide UCC with a final list of scholarship recipients and inform the successful candidates

Scholarships and Prizes

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