Quercus University Scholarships

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  • Value: up to €10,500
  • You must be a current UCC Student to be eligible for this scholarship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to quercus@ucc.ie


University College Cork is pleased to announce that up to 5 Quercus University Scholarships will be awarded to registered undergraduates who can demonstrate an exceptional level of academic excellence and who has successfully been selected by the Scholarship Panel for a Quercus Scholarship. There are up to 4 Quercus University Scholarships available across each of the four University Colleges as follows:



Number of Quercus University Scholarships

College Of Arts, Celtic Studies And Social Sciences


College of Business and law


College Of Science, Engineering And Food Science


College Of Medicine And Health


General Criteria

Quercus University Scholarships will be awarded by a Scholarship Panel which may consist of the following:

  • The President of UCC or nominee
  • The Chair of Academic Council Teaching and Learning Committee, UCC
  • The Vice President for Teaching and Learning, UCC
  • Two senior members of UCC academic staff
  • Admissions Officer, UCC or nominee
  • Head of Student Experience, UCC or nominee
  • External members invited by the President.

Scholarships will be offered to applicants who satisfy the Scholarship Panel (and in turn UCC) as to their suitability to the Quercus Talented Students’ Programme and who can demonstrate academic excellence. The panel’s decisions will be final.

The Scholarship can be renewed for subsequent years subject to the Scholar meeting the requirements of the University (Academic) Retention & Discontinuation Document and progression to the next level of study in their academic programme.
Scholars may not hold a Scholarship during an academic year spent abroad or on work placement. Renewal will be decided at the end of the academic year prior to the year spent abroad or on work placement and will be “carried forward” to the year after the academic year spent abroad or on work placement.

Scholars will be expected to act as ambassadors for UCC in terms of their participation in academic activities and in their participation in activities designed to promote the Quercus Talented Students’ Programme.


The Quercus University Scholars will be invited to make an application by the relevant Colleges in University College Cork based on students' previous academic results.

Read the Terms and Conditions of the Quercus University (Academic) Scholarships here Terms of Reference & Memorandum of Understanding University (Academic) 2022/23

Successful applicants will:

  • Show outstanding achievement within their discipline(s), and will normally be the highest scoring student in continuous assessment and end of semester examinations in the programme of study.
  • Show evidence of participation and engagement with the programme of study.
  • Show evidence of communication skills, dissemination and engaging with/mentoring peers, related to the discipline (e.g. oral presentation, poster presentation, publication).
  • Demonstrate, inter-alia, writing, research/enquiry and critical thinking skills.
  • Be expected to act as ambassadors for UCC and the Quercus Programme in terms of their participation in their chosen field.

Successful applicants may:

  • Show evidence of provincial, national or international achievement.
  • Show evidence of contribution to scholarship.
  • Demonstrate excellence in areas not exclusive to their specialist domain.
  • Show relevant connections with other disciplinary areas, placing their own discipline in a wider/broader context.
  • Demonstrate skills of reflection and an understanding of the value of reflection in the learning process.
  • Demonstrate evidence of leadership and initiative.

Where there are equivalent levels of excellence, the candidate with the most consistent achievement over a number of years will be favoured.

For more information visit https://www.ucc.ie/en/quercus/

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