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Edel Burton talks about her role as a Pharmacist Vaccinator

28 May 2021

My Role as a Pharmacist Vaccinator/ On-Site Pharmacist in a Cork Mass Vaccination Centre

When the call came earlier this year from the HSE for suitable healthcare professionals to apply for the role of vaccinator in their mass vaccination clinics, I was delighted to apply. As a pharmacist I am one of the professionals who can operate as a vaccinator in these clinics.

Vaccination is a vital component of public health practice. I thoroughly enjoy my role as a pharmacist vaccinator, administering the four COVID-19 vaccines available on the Irish market and counselling the patient on this medication.

Furthermore, I am now also the on-site pharmacist (when on shift) in Cork City Hall Vaccination Centre. This means that I am responsible for medication management on site.

With both roles I can unite my clinical knowledge and skills with my understanding of public health research and practice. However, I also get to witness human compassion, perseverance, and resilience.  It is an honour to work alongside an incredible team of motivated and dedicated individuals throughout this pandemic.

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