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‌‌‌Welcome to our latest Issue of our OT Practice Education Newsletter Pract Ed Newsletter Issue 7

Our Practice Education Team here in the Department of Occupational Therapy run a newsletter twice a year.  The newsletter is packed with news and updates across our OT region. We hope you find them informative and welcome your feedback on the newsletter.    

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The Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy has worked to support local practice since the beginning of the programme in 2003. In the early years the OT clinic facilities were used by a local school for sensorimotor group sessions, local Community OT services for children and adults for equipment advice and early intervention.

Other collaborations have involved the hosting of summer camps each year run by a local private OT clinic and parent/teacher education events held in Brookfield.

We are committed to continuing to collaborate and support practice and welcome any project proposals for collaborations in the future.


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