Staff Safety Reps

Staff Safety Representatives 2018 to 2023 (UCC Staff Selected) - 2021 Update

Foreword - Extended Term of Office

As of  February 2021 the sitting designated staff safety representatives requested an extension of their term and subsequently agreed to avail of an offer from the Corporate Secretary to remain on as Safety Representatives until 28/2/2023. This is to facilitate continuity of experience and training in circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the interunion group to organise replacements via elections to be held in Q3 of 2022.


Following a nomination process facilitated by the UCC IUG group in Feb 2018 with a comprehensive 5 day training course to be organised by the University for first time safety reps in Q2 2018, the 8 self-nominated volunteers who the IUG have advised will now operate as Staff Safety Reps on behalf of UCC staff is listed in the section following below. (These replace previous incumbents whose period of office expired March 2018)

Commencing 01-03-18, the Staff Safety Representatives, including designated replacement representatives, will operate until 28/02/2023 (extending the original 3-year term). UCC Staff Safety Reps are divided into three constituencies and these are outlined in the table below along with the relevant contact details, (+) designates statutory entitlements per SHWW Law to make representations on behalf of staff. Staff Safety Reps represent UCC staff (not Unions or the H&S Office or other employers on UCC sites).

Note: Staff safety consultation and resolution of safety issues remains focused on normal departmental interactions and use of normal University mechanisms.

In all cases, staff should raise and attempt to resolve genuine health or safety issue through normal department /School/College/ Functional Area line management channels - commensurate with line management responsibility for h&s at UCC under UCC Safety Policy, the existence of genuine risk (versus perceived) and with regard to the actual level of risk within the originating department, reasonable timelines for consideration & resolution and line manager obligations to manage and prioritise actions based on risk assessment/risk  levels, as far as is reasonably practicable principles and the availability of resources for competing risk priorities.

Safety Representatives may be contacted for ‘advice’ or ‘guidance’ if staff feel that a specific problem cannot be addressed locally through the normal channels, having firstly utilized such channels.

Line management, including Principal Investigators, are obliged under SHWW law to a) consult with staff and Safety Reps and b) give due consideration to safety issues raised by staff and Safety Reps. Responsibility for managing of h&s however rests with the line manager/PI/Head of School/Department. (This includes any/all decisions and actions management deem appropriate with regard to compliance with UCC Safety Policy and SHWW law, risk assessment and prioritisation of competing h&s risks/actions).

Footnote: Staff Safety Representatives discharge a voluntary, unremunerated role. Their activities relate only to UCC Staff. Staff Safety Representatives have legal entitlements without any legal responsibilities attaching. Staff Safety Representatives at UCC operate independent of both the H&S Office and every UCC Safety Advisor. Staff Safety Representatives may suggest actions to be considered by management and staff but may not direct management or staff actions.

Current Staff Safety Representatives

For the period 2018 to 2023. 

Central Constituency

Staff Safety Representative (+)

Functional Area

UCC extension #

Dr. Donnacha O' Connell*^



Kevin O'Regan*

Building & Estates

2460 & 1893

Verdi Ahern

Student Experience


Gary Hurley

International Office


Orna Hayes

Adult Continuing Education





Western Constituency

Staff Safety Representative (+)

Gerry Moloney







Eastern Constituency

Staff Safety Representative (+)

Eileen Hurley*



Dermot Houston



The following is an outline of the UCC areas in the various constituencies. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of buildings.

East Constituency: Connolly Building (Pres), Tyndall, Enterprise Centre, St. Vincent’s and all other properties and work areas within the constituency incl Haulbowline/Ringaskiddy and Farranferris to the east.

West Constituency: Brookfield, Western Gateway, Dental Hospital, various departments at Cork University Hospital, and all other properties and work areas within the constituency incl facilities at Pouladuff Togher, Sarsfield road and UCC sports grounds in Bishopstown, Lough Hyne and Dun Chiomhain. (Excluding Campus Accommodation Facilities - independently controlled).

Main Campus: All properties and work areas on the Central campus UCC including the buildings located off the major roads framing the main Campus , the Mardyke Sports Grounds externally & the PE Office ( excluding Aras na Mac Leinn, the Honan Church, the Mardyke Arena and Campus Accommodation Facilities - all independently controlled).

Foot Note* designates a previously trained Safety Rep. ^ indicates outgoing group chair.



Health & Safety Office

Sláinte agus Sábháilteacht

5 Carrigside, College Road, Cork