Incident Reporting & Forms

The web-based reporting system is now in operation and replaces the paper-based process. The reporting portal may be used by staff and students when logged in to their UCC Office 365 account. It may also be used by visitors or persons external to UCC who may not have a UCC account login.

The reporting system is entirely delivered via UCC Office 365 and is defined by the architectural capability of MS Forms and MS Teams.

Incident Reporting

Any person may report an incident. This can be undertaken using the relevant form below. (There are 3 Options: a Staff accident, a Non-Staff Accident or a Dangerous occurrence/near miss/property damage incident.)

Responsibility for ensuring that an incident is reported in a timely manner via the relevant form rests with the relevant Head of School/Department/Section or their nominee in all cases.

Note: In the case of major incidents, these should also be notified to the General Services Duty Officer, Buildings Officer/B&E Facilities Manager, OCLA Insurance, Heads of School/Business unit manager, School/Department Safety Officer and the H&S Office using email or telephone in parallel to the reporting of the incident here.

Note: sports injuries should not be reported using the above system

Investigations of Incidents & Reporting

Heads of Department are also responsible for conducting an investigation of every serious accident or dangerous occurrence. They must ensure that a separate e-investigation is completed in a timely manner using the Accident/DO Investigation link above.


Further Information

Selected MS teams SharePoints facilitate the automatic notification of key UCC personnel and relevant Offices. Separate to that, incident locus department management will receive pdf incident reports by email as and when necessary, to an projected 10-14 day cycle, within current admin staff capacity for the manual processing of batch outputs.


This web-based reporting system, as of May 2021, replaces the paper-based process. This Covid-19 automation and efficiency project replaces all existing paper report forms and allows the real time reporting and notification of incidents.

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