2017 International Workshop on Konservat-Lagerstätten

Palaeobiology, taphonomy, geochemistry and sedimentary context of soft-bodied fossils

This workshop brought together over 60 scientists from across Europe, Asia and North America based on our shared interests in Konservat-Lagerstätten. The workshop took place in the Main Quad at UCC, Cork, on 15th and 16th July 2017. There were dedicated workshops on electron microscopy, micro-CT, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, experimental design, statistical analysis of taphonomic data, and palaeoproteomics. The workshop featured a wonderful line-up of invited speakers, including Prof. Derek Briggs (Yale University), Dr Mike Buckley (University of Manchester), Prof. Phil Donoghue (University of Bristol), Prof. Bob Gaines (Pomona College, California), Prof. Baoyu Jiang (Nanjing University), Dr Stuart Kearns (University of Bristol), Prof. Johan Lindgren (Lund University), Prof. Maria McNamara (University College Cork), Dr Duncan Murdock (University of Oxford), Dr Patrick Orr (University College Dublin), Dr Imran Rahman (University of Oxford), Dr Rob Sansom (University of Manchester), and Prof. Roy Wogelius (University of Manchester).

Thanks to all the invited speakers and delegates of the Konservat-Lagerstätten workshop. It was a hugely enjoyable meeting and was truly unique as a dedicated extended opportunity for workers on fossil soft tissues and Lagerstätten to come together to share research results, ideas and best practices. The organising committee hope that all delegates enjoyed their time in Cork and benefited from the wonderful scientific discussions. We wish you all the very best of luck in your scientific endeavours and for continued success in the study of Konservat-Lagerstätten.

Maria McNamara Research Group

Experimental and analytical taphonomy

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES), University College Cork (UCC), Butler Building, Distillery Fields, North Mall, Cork, T23 TK30, Ireland