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19 Feb 2024

Valentina was testing some paint samples at the FTIR in the Mary Ward Lab recently!

12 Feb 2024

Peter and Zixiao are trying out the newest addition to our lab – a shining new GC-MS! Zixiao put in his black hair, Peter used his grey hair, and now the machine is working overnight to figure out the chemistry.

5 Feb 2024

Maria, Bea and Dan took a trip to Japan to visit Professors Ito Shosuke and Kazumasa Wakamatsu at Fujita Health University in Nagoya and learn how to perform AHPO on their tissue samples. We had a lot of fun learning the procedure and exploring Japan.

29 Jan 2024

2024 was off to a great start with the first-ever Irish Palaeo Forum being held at UCC. Jess had a great day meeting palaeontologists from all over Ireland. She's now busy making plans for the year ahead for Ireland's Fossil Heritage!

22 Jan 2024

Tiffany may be in the dark on a few things - but not when it comes to fluorescence microscopes! She's been looking at teeny tiny sections of feathers under the microscope, which light up like Christmas trees when stained with feather-specific antibodies.

15 Jan 2024

Over the Christmas break Hollie took a trip to the Natural History Museum in London to see their Titanosaur exhibition. The fossils were huge!

8 Jan 2024

Just before Christmas break some of the group travelled to San Francisco to carry out some analyses at SLAC national accelerator laboratory. Of course while we were there we also had to check out a certain iconic bridge!


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