Annual Conference

The Centre for Law and the Environment at UCC

The Centre for Law and the Environment at UCC

Law and the Environment 2019

The Role of Environmental Law in the Transition to Sustainability

The Centre for Law & the Environment at the School of Law, University College Cork will host the 17th Annual Law and the Environment Conference, a unique event in the Irish environmental calendar, on Thursday, 11 April 2019.  The conference theme this year is The Role of Environmental Law in the Transition to Sustainability.

Please see the Call for Papers below.  Further details on registration will be circulated in due course.

The annual Law & the Environment Conference provides a forum for the expert presentation of legal developments and research results in the area of environmental law, regulation and policy, as well as an informal forum for the exchange of views among policy-makers and regulators, regulated operators, the environmental NGO community and Irish (and overseas) academic researchers.

Call for Papers

Submissions are now invited for the 2019 Law and Environment Conference, hosted by the Centre for Law and Environment at the School of Law at UCC.  Full details on potential topics and themes may be found at Call for Papers - Law & Environment 2019.

For further information please contact Professor Owen McIntyre at or Deirdre Kelleher at


Postgraduate Research Symposium 2019

Postgraduate research students working in the area of Environmental Law (broadly understood) are invited to submit abstracts for inclusion at the 11th Annual Postgraduate Research Symposium on Environmental Law on Wednesday April 10th 2019.  Full details can be found here: Postgraduate Symposium 2019 - Call for Papers.  The Symposium offers an opportunity for postgrad researchers to meet, network and present their research to their peers, as well as to attend the main Law & Environment Conference taking place on Thursday April 11th. 

2018 Conference Summary

For too long the progressive elaboration of primary rules of environmental law, setting out substantive requirements and standards of conduct has lacked the accompanying conditions, measures and mechanisms necessary for establishing responsibility for their breach.

However, recent developments bear witness to a diverse range of initiatives concerning Environmental Responsibility, Accountability and Liability, which suggest that the public and civil society, as well as environmental regulators and other authorities, are focusing more on the need to deter the behaviour ultimately responsible for environmental degradation, and to mobilise the resources required to remedy such impacts.

Different aspects of this trend can be observed at the national, EU/regional, transnational and global levels.

In order to promote a better understanding of such developments, this year’s Law and the Environment conference offers a host of Irish and international expert speakers exploring a range of issues related to Environmental Responsibility, Accountability and Liability, including, for example:

  • Recent developments in climate litigation;
  • Legal arrangements regarding financial provision for environmental liabilities;
  • Alternative legal methods for environmental enforcement;
  • The legal implications of ‘Brexit’;
  • Responsibility under international marine and maritime law;
  • Just arrangements for the transition to a low-carbon economy; and
  • The role of the Aarhus Convention and its Compliance Committee.

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