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Careers & Opportunities

Regulatory Product Compliance Analyst

Regulatory Product Compliance Analyst: Compliance & Risks is the leading provider of market access and product compliance SaaS solutions and is recognized as the leading end-to-end global product compliance solution provider across the technology, consumer goods and retail, industrial goods and life sciences sectors. 

The main responsibilities of the Regulatory Analyst include legal research, legal analysis, writing detailed legal summaries, publishing news commentaries on interesting legal updates while working as part of an international team. 

More info here: BambooHR

PhD Vacancy Position - Innovative Public Law - School of Law at Erasmus University, Rotterdam

PhD position:  Passionate about the law and governance of climate finance?

It’s located within the ‘Innovative Public Law’ team within the Law and Markets department of the School of Law at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. You’ll be joining a growing team of public law teachers and researchers engaged with a variety of heterodox and critical perspectives on law and sustainable development.

As the climate crisis intensifies, the role of the financial sector in addressing the costs of mitigation, adaptation, and loss and damage from climate change has grown. Public policy and legal attention largely focus on the design of ‘green’ financial responses, where a markets-led logic based on the commodification, assetisation and financialisation of ‘climate’ prevails. Here, the role of the state and public actors is to design climate finance markets and provide investment ‘incentives’ to private investors.

This approach facilitates important shifts in the legal identity, authority and agency of public and private actors; in the construction and prioritisation of vulnerabilities to be addressed, and in the articulation of the human-nature relationship for governance. Implications for climate governance include prioritising the spaces and activities with the most capacity to generate financial return over those where action is most urgently needed; narrowing the framing of possible responses to opportunities for financial returns over more plural values and diverting governance attention away from actions necessary to address the primary causes and locations of climate change.

Your research will critically examine a dimension of law, institutions and governance in this climate finance landscape, such as a specific financial sector or instrument; a level of governance or governance actor(s); scientific or technical dimensions to financial governance, a combination of these, or otherwise.

We especially encourage theoretically-informed research. Doctrinal, empirical, inter-disciplinary, socio-legal, comparative or other methodologies (and combinations of these) are welcome.

NOTE: Informal enquiries to Dr. Siobhan Airey are most welcome!

The closing date for applications is the 10th of June, 2024. Interviews will take place between 24 June and 5 July.

Environmental Justice Lawyer with Community Law & Mediation

Community Law & Mediation is Recruiting an Environmental Justice Lawyer

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to work in the area of environmental justice.

In 2021, Community Law & Mediation (CLM) established Ireland’s first Centre for Environmental Justice. The Centre aims to empower and equip individuals, community groups and organisations to challenge environmental injustice using the law. This includes representing clients in climate litigation cases.

Community Law & Mediation (CLM) is a community based, independent law centre providing services nationwide and operating in two locations: Dublin and Limerick. It was founded in 1975 and assists almost 5,000 people annually through its services, which include free legal advice and representation; information and education; and mediation and conflict coaching. CLM also campaigns for law reform, and for the safeguarding of rights already enshrined in law. 

For more information, visit: Community Law & Mediation is recruiting an Environmental Justice Lawyer - Community Law (

For application form, visit: 2024-CLM-Enviro-Justice-Lawyer-Job-Description1.pdf (

Closing Date: 22nd April 2024

Internships in the Legal Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs

Applications are invited for paid internships in the Legal Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The internships will be for a maximum of 14 months and will commence in the third quarter of 2024.

Completed applications must be received no later than 5 pm on Monday 29 April 2024.

Full details: gov - Internships in the Legal Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs (


PhD Opportunities - Copenhagen Business School

Two PhD positions in the governance of natural resources and sustainability for a just and fair energy transition, at the Department of Management, Society and Communication at Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) invites applications for two PhD positions in governance of natural resources and sustainability for a just and fair energy transition at the Department of Management, Society and Communication (MSC).

More information - Two PhD positions in the governance of natural resources and sustainability for a just and fair energy transition | CBS - Copenhagen Business School

Application deadline: Monday 22 April 2023

New Marine Institute funding for Ocean Law and Governance

In 2023, MaREI: the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine, part of the Environmental Research Institute and the School of Law, UCC together with the School of Natural and Built Environment and School of Law in Queen’s University Belfast were successful in obtaining €1.5 million in funding from the Marine Institute, to undertake the “Co-existence and Co-location in shared island Marine governance” (CoCoMar) project. This five year project focuses on the evolving marine governance frameworks that apply around the island of Ireland, concentrating specifically on transnational working as a key mechanism to achieve international, regional (EU and OSPAR) and national law and policy commitments in an EU Member State (Ireland) and non-EU jurisdiction, Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom. Marine spaces do not respect legal or administrative boundaries and natural ecosystems must be managed coherently to achieve international commitments relating to sustainable development, climate change and biodiversity loss.

The need to consider co-location and co-existence has been acknowledged in marine plans and policies but to date there has been limited demonstration of how this can be achieved in practice. CoCoMar aims to address this gap and opportunity by using co-existence and co-location as a unifying lens in which to approach the themes of fisheries management in a post-Brexit world; cross compliance of marine sectors governed by Maritime Spatial Planning; expanding Marine Protected Area networks; and implementing nature restoration. The twin challenges of addressing the impacts of climate change and minimising biodiversity loss necessitates combined, concerted efforts across all governance and societal actors who will have to co-exist in shared marine spaces. Through a comprehensive programme of targeted, collaborative desk-based research, supplemented by focused transnational fora, CoCoMar will build capacity on the island to progress more integrated marine governance by providing new knowledge, evidence and advice for policy-makers to implement actions that are urgently required. The project funding will facilitate the recruitment of three new PhD candidates (two in QUB and one in UCC, to be supervised by Prof. Owen McIntyre and Dr. Anne Marie O’Hagan)

Opportunities at the Irish Solar Energy Association

Policy Analyst and Manager Opportunities at the Irish Solar Energy Association

Click the following link for more details Policy Analyst

Click the following link for more details Policy Manager

Environment and Social Analysts

Environment and Social Analysts - Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Beijing, China

Pre-doctoral researcher opportunity

Opening for a pre-doctoral researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) on the ERC-funded project ERC Curiae Virides: Transnational Ecological Litigation


Selection of exciting career opportunities at the Environmental Protection Agency

Selection of exciting career opportunities at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Closing Date 17 January 2024

Full details of the various roles and the application forms are available here

Community Engagement Officer - Community Law and Mediation's Centre for Environmental Justice

The Community Engagement Officer will lead the centre's community engagement work to increase awareness of CLM’s work and services, including free legal advice clinics, workshops and training opportunities, and policy and law reform priorities, particularly in the area of environmental justice.

Full details of the role and the application form are available here

Legal Officer - Community Law and Mediation's Centre for Environmental Justice

The Legal Officer will undertake research on environmental and climate cases and provide administrative support to the CEJ legal team

Full details of the role and the application form are available here

PhD opportunity - Brussels School of Governance (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

A PhD-student with a doctoral grant. The candidate will complete a PhD by using empirical legal methods. The general theme proposed is responsible corporate conduct in the context of environmental impacts attributed to value chains activities. The candidate will combine an interdisciplinary conceptual framework with legal research methods and quantitative and/or qualitative empirical research methods so that the PhD outcome contributes to new evidence-based knowledge.

Deadline 1st May 2024.

Starting date: 1st October 2024

Full details: PhD in Empirical Legal Research on Responsible Corporate Conduct in Global Value Chains (GVCs) (

Centre for Law and the Environment

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