Michael Hofer-Robinson


Michael Hofer-Robinson studied German Philology (BA) and German as a Foreign and Second Language (MA) at the University of Vienna. He has taught in higher education institutions, like the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the Diplomatic Academy Vienna and Trinity College Dublin. In 2016, his monograph „Integration, das sind die Anderen“ was published. 


In 2017, a law was introduced in Austria that makes it compulsory for refugees not only to learn German but also to learn Austrian values and to pass a test on both language and values. For this purpose, established language textbook publishers developed new teaching material in cooperation with the Austrian Integration Fund. Values are now an essential part of the official integration process and have been incorporated into language classes.  

In my research I explore the language used in a range of texts that aim to teach values to people, including newly designed teaching material and curricula, the new integration law itself and statements from other institutions that were given during the process of designing this law. 

Department of German


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