Online Live Book Launch - Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy - 12th May.

7 May 2021
Molecular Gastronomy - Scientific Foundations, Educational Practices and Culinary Applications

The Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy, of which Prof. Alan Kelly is co-editor, will be published on 26th May, preceded by a special online event on 12th May to launch the book, introduced by the French Ambassador to Ireland and featuring some of the contributors.

Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy, book launch will take place Wednesday 12 May at an online event, introduced by the French Ambassador to Ireland and followed by a short series of presentations on topics relevant to the book.  The book is a major reference work, with over 150 articles across almost 1000 pages and over 500 illustrations, on scientific, educational and culinary aspects of this very interesting area where food science and culinary science intersect.

Besides Prof. Alan Kelly's role as editor, the book has a number of contributions from the school, with contributions from Prof. Elke Arendt and Konstantin Bellut, on alcoholic beverages, Prof. Yrjö Roos on freeze-drying, Dave Waldron on butter and ice cream and Megan Ross on 3D printing of food.

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