Matthew Troy

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Introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

My name is Matthew Troy. I am new to the food industry, I have previously worked in the motor trade as a qualified technician as well as working as working with customers in a service consultant role. I have always been working in technical roles with a problem solving skill set as my main basis

Why did you want to make a change and move into the food sector?

I felt that in my previous role in the motor trade that the opportunities are limited, I felt I had plateaued in my position and there was not much room to grow. After speaking to some friends and family I felt the opportunities which are available within in the food sector seemed a lot more accessible. As the food sector can have a very technical side I felt that my skills could be transferred to a new position in the industry. This combined with the ever changing food industry I felt a new challenge would be a great opportunity for me to further grow my skill set and knowledge base.

What (if any) research did you do before you made the move into the food sector? (spoke with family/friends/peers working in the sector - checked what employment was like in the sector etc.)

After speaking to friends and family I decided to meet with some people who are employed in the industry to see if my perception aligned with the work which is carried out on a daily basis. This allowed me to be confident in making a change and gave me a valuable insight to the industry.

What encouraged you to consider further training in relation to food? (encouraged by workplace, peers, family)

After beginning my role I found that the knowledge I had could be further enhanced by taking up further training. After speaking with my family who happened to be involved in various training  courses within the industry I could see how essential growing my knowledge would be to securing a permanent position in the industry.  This without question allowed me to become fully involved and give meaningful contributions to my workplace in the food sector.

Do you experience any benefits from being part of a group who is starting out on a food related career? (i.e. how important have you found the food network - classmates)

Definitely, having people in similar position can be a great support. I found that the fellow students on my course allowed me to see the huge desire there is to be part of the food sector. This gave me an extra sense of urgency and accountability on performing to a high level to ensure that I could be a asset to the industry. Having a support system in place to ask questions and compare different situations was a great benefit.

Do you anticipate that you will need further Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? Yes, I feel with the constant changes which are happening in the industry, ongoing training will be essential. Having courses which are related to manufacturing changes will be a great benefit.

What advice would you give to someone who may be considering a change into the food sector?

I would suggest speaking to people who are already involved in the section of the food sector which they are interested in getting involved. Researching the various companies in the sector to ensure the company they plan on working with can offer what the person may want in the future. Additionally to take advantage of the courses which are offered in upskilling

If you were to start the process again, would you do anything differently?

I would have started the training earlier , maybe if I had decided to immediately start training once the decision had been made to move to the food sector it might have been an easier transition.

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