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UCC/Blas Lecture Series: Speciality/Artisan Food Marketing Workshop - a focus on Digital Marketing


Marketing is about identifying who your target market are, gaining a detailed understanding of their needs and establishing how your product can address these needs. Consumer needs are constantly changing and therefore producers need to remain abreast of these changes and ensure their communication strategy, including their digital strategy addresses the real-time concerns of their target market. This short course will help participants to identify their target market, the factors that impact upon them and how best to communicate with them in today’s digitally based environment.

Who should attend?

Those considering setting up their own speciality food business, those who have already established a speciality food business and would like to gain an understanding or update themselves on how to go about marketing their product or service within the speciality food sector.

Course programme

This course considers key concepts relevant to marketing and applies them in a practical manner. Topics covered during the course include:

  • Marketing trends
  • Marketing mix
  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning strategies
  • Digital tools to communicate with the consumer
  • Increasing brand awareness online

Lead Trainers

Dr Amy-Jane Troy is a member of the Food Industry Training Unit Team in UCC, lecturing on the Diploma in Speciality Food Production. Amy-Jane has been involved in a variety of research projects focused on consumer acceptance of new products and packaging and communication to increase repeat purchase. Amy-Jane also works with Industry focusing specifically on the communication of key messages to target consumer groups.


For further information please contact:

Clair Hoare

Special Projects Manager

Food Industry Training Unit

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences College of Science,

Engineering and Food Science,

University College Cork


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