Short Course - Rejuvenate


Rejuvenate - Professional Women making the transition back to professional roles in Ireland’s Agri Food Industries


Many professional women fear returning to the workplace after a career break.  A loss of confidence, loss of flexibility and worries about relevance of skill-sets are often cited as common reasons for women to postpone or avoid seeking a return to paid employment. Added to this the feeling of “out-of-dateness” is a concern for many highly skilled women.  This course has been designed to give women the skills to build confidence and learn practical skills and techniques to help their job search and subsequent re-entry to the workplace

  • The course will offer a small group learning opportunity for women to explore the mechanics of returning to work alongside some reflective activities to plan for career progression into the future.  



While many sectors, particularly financial services and IT, have embraced programmes to foster re-entry opportunities for experienced professionals, the food sector lags behind. This course will be the first of its kind and fully bespoke to address this missing opportunity. Our sectoral specificity allows FITU to offer a bespoke programme designed for the needs of the agri-food sector. Our extensive network of contacts allows us to facilitate the building of real and substantive bridges between professional women and potential employers though a mentored and facilitated programme of both classroom skills development and industry facing experience.

Who should attend?

This workshop will be open to all female agri-food professionals who have taken a minimum of 12 months career break in the last 5 years. It is particularly appropriate women who would like to develop their professional “brand” before returning to work or who have identified specific skills gaps they would like to address.  Typical participants should have a minimum of a qualification in food or equivalent professional experience. Participants must be available for full time hours for 4 weeks during the programme.

Benefits of attending

  • Bespoke and Interactive course in small groups
  • Each participant will take away a fully reviewed training needs analysis and career plan
  • Practical training skills and tools required for women returning to work


Course programme

Programme Calendar 2019

September         Week 1 - 9th - 11th inclusive 

                           Week 2 - 16th- 18th inclusive

                           Week 3 - 23rd - 25th inclusive


All classroom activities will take place in Workbench, Bank of Ireland, St. Patrick's Street, Cork


Lead Trainer

Dr Joanne Fearon

Dr Fearon is a Programme Manager at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM)  Agri Food Graduate Development Programme (AFGDP). The AFGDP provides training in professional skills, technical subjects and research skill for high potential young professionals. Joanne provides training to early career professionals in professional effectiveness, communication and project management.

She has extensive interests in the impact of training in the workplace and workplace skills competency models. She has over 10 years’ experience training young professionals in the Agri food sector.

Joanne currently delivers courses on

  • Leadership in the agri-food and marine sectors
  • Professional effectiveness
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Mentoring in the agri-food and marine sector 


For more information:

Contact Joanne Fearon at or (021) 490 1424

To register, please complete the application form: Rejuvenate form


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