Book Review in the British Dental Journal

25 Nov 2014
Authors: Prof O'Mullane, Dr Borgonovo, Prof Tim Holland

We are delighted with the review our book 'Prevention is better than Cure' received in the recent issue of the British Dental Journal.

British Dental Journal Review 

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  • J. Borgonovo, , D. O'Mullane, & T. Holland
  • University College Cork: 234 pp. 30.00


Prevention is better than cure: history of the Cork University Dental School and Hospital, 1913-2013 is a self-published title written in celebration of the centenary anniversary of the foundation of CUDSH. This engaging text chronicles the history of CUDSH from modest beginnings in 1913 to the modern institute that exists today. It is a result of the collaborative efforts of Emeritus Professor Denis O'Mullane, an esteemed figure in Irish dentistry and former Dean of CUDSH; Dr Tim Holland, a retired consultant in paediatric dentistry who enjoyed a long association with CUDSH; and Dr John Borgonovo of University College Cork's School of History, who specialises in modern Irish and Cork history.

The book depicts the challenges faced and successes achieved by the CUDSH, navigating the reader through its impressive 100-year history. In the early chapters we are guided through the foundation and early development of the dental school in the North Infirmary Hospital on the north side of Cork city. We gain insight into early staff roles, facilities and course structure, as well as social and political issues that impacted on the developing institution.

Later, the authors describe the modernisation and eventual relocation of the CUDSH and its renowned research facility at a new location in Wilton. Some of the challenges overcome in this period included maintaining pace with improvements in dental education facilities in the UK, and the restructuring of third-level education in Ireland, which almost culminated in the closure of the school. The development and ultimate success of the school was largely due to the commitment and dedication of a loyal staff and student body. We are familiarised with some of these figures throughout the text as we are presented with profiles of various important and interesting characters who contributed to the history of CUDSH.

The final chapters describe how, in recent times, there has been great change in student composition, staffing, teaching and learning. The authors provide details of each of the individual departments in the school today. In chapter seven we are also introduced to the dental school community, many of whom have proceeded to form distinguished careers at home and abroad.

As a former student of CUDSH, I feel that this well-crafted and engaging book will certainly be appreciated by the Cork dental community, both past and present. However, this unconventional text is also a compelling read that provides a comprehensive insight into the unique history of a resilient institution. As a result it will also appeal to a much wider audience.


Cork University Dental School & Hospital

Wilton, Cork, Ireland