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Research Clusters

Traveller Equality & Justice Project (TEJP)

The Traveller Equality and Justice Project provides legal research and representation to Travellers who have experienced discrimination in accessing goods and services. Supported by an EU Rights Equality & Citizenship Award (2020) the TEJP works in partnership with the FLAC Traveller Legal Service to operate a Traveller-specific legal clinic for Travellers in Cork & Kerry.

Disaster Research Cluster

The Disaster Research Cluster encompasses the research, teaching, and external engagement taking place in the area of international disaster law. The Cluster provides a platform for the sharing of knowledge and research by scholars in the School of Law with shared interests in many aspects of disaster law. This research covers all aspects of disaster law including disaster risk reduction, gender based violence, human rights in disasters and disaster displacement.

Mental Health Law

Dr Darius Whelan is currently President of the Irish Mental Health Lawyers Association, the members of which represent service users (patients) admitted to approved centres under the Mental Health Act 2001. 

Families of Prisoners

Dr Fiona Donson and Dr Aisling Parkes are currently engaged in research into the rights of children and families of prisoners. This emerging and interdisciplinary work engages a variety of research themes including child rights, prisons and criminal justice. 

Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights

Faculty of Law, University College Cork, Ireland