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About the CCJHR

Welcome to the Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights

The Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights (CCJHR) was established by the Faculty of Law, UCC in 2006. The study of criminal justice and human rights and the intersection between the two raises complex and challenging questions. The Centre seeks to contribute to national and international debates on these questions through the promotion of cutting edge interdisciplinary research, innovative programmes of legal education and training, and strategic partnerships with Government, statutory bodies, and civil society organisations worldwide.

Research at the Centre is informed by legal practice and clinical education underpins our mission. The Centre builds on the School's international reputation for excellence in teaching and research in the fields of criminal law, criminal justice and human rights. 

Aims of the Centre

  • To pursue innovative and interdisciplinary research into crime, justice and human rights and to produce scholarship of excellence in these fields;
  • To engage with and contribute to debates on law reform and policy development at national and international levels;
  • To develop innovative legal education, capacity building, training and outreach programmes;
  • To foster a community of researchers in the field of crime, justice and human rights and to provide opportunities for postgraduate students and new career entrants.

The current Director of the CCJHR is Dr Samantha Morgan-Williams, with Deputy Director, Dr Luke Noonan. 

For more about the CCJHR's members see here.


Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights

Faculty of Law, University College Cork, Ireland