Research Projects

The CCJHR engages in direct research activities, through research and conferences undertaken by members of the CCJHR and in conjunction with colleagues across UCC and civil society organisations. We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided by different organisations for such research activities.

Nasc CCJHR Beyond McMahon Report Dec 2018

Nasc-CCJHR Beyond McMahon Conference Summary June 2018

Nasc-CCJHR Racism and Hate Crime Conference Summary Oct 2013

Access to Justice for People with Disabilities as Victims of Crime in Irl 2012

CCJHR UK Migrant Domestic Workers Project April 2012

CCJHR CCTV as a Crime Prevention Strategy D Applebe 2009

CCJHR Subsidiary Protection Case Law Project 2007

Compendium on the Post-2015 Global Agenda on Climate-Risk Governance May 2020

Working Papers

The CCJHR Legal Research Working Papers series publishes excellent research in the fields of human rights, crime, justice and law. One of the objectives of the CCJHR is to support the dissemination of research in progress. The Working Paper series is peer-reviewed and edited by the CCJHR. Submissions to the Working Papers series are open to UCC academics, PhD students and research fellows. The series also publishes selected ‘best papers’ from the UCC postgraduate community. For further details, contact


Available Working Papers:

CCJHR WPS No 1 Sarah Singer Refugee Exclusion Clauses and Terrorism Dec 2012

CCJHR WPS No 2 Claire Smyth IESCR Optional Protocol and Ireland Dec 2012

CCJHR WPS No 3 Ilona Cairns Feminist Perspective on Criminal Law Reform Dec 2012

CCJHR WPS No 4 Colette Barry Irish Prison Officers June 2013

CCJHR WPS No 5 Sarah Jane Judge Legal Capacity of Children

CCJHR WPS No 6 Hajer Almanea The League of Arab States August 2018

CCJHR WPS No 7 Noemi Magugliani Securisation of Migration August 2018

CCJHR WPS No8 Daisy Nabasitu Child Victims in Ugandan Criminal Justice Sept 2018

CCJHR WPS No 9 Sahara Nankan Rethinking the Right to Water Sept 2018

CCJHR WPS No 10 Shannon Greene Gender, Climate Change & Participation April 2020

CCJHR WPS No 11 Katie Coyle Overturned on Appeal May 2020

Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights Newsletter

CCJHR Newsletter November 2010