CCJHR people



Dr Fiona Donson
Research/ Teaching:  
Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Human Rights
Tel. +353 21 490 3159.  E-mail


Deputy Director


Dr Dug Cubie

Research/Teaching: Disaster Law, International Humanitarian Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, International Human Rights Law

Tel. +353 21 490 2223. E-mail




Executive Board

Professor Ursula Kilkelly 
Research/ Teaching:  
Children's rights, including education, family and justice issues, juvenile justice, moot court, international trade law 
Tel. +353 21 490 3642.  E-mail


Professor Caroline Fennell 
Research/ Teaching:  
Law of Evidence, Criminal Justice, Terrorism and Organised Crime. 
Tel. +353 21 490 2547.  E-mail


Dr Catherine O'Sullivan 
Research/ Teaching:  
Criminal Law, Company Law 
Tel. +353 21 490 3285.  E-mail

Dr Claire Murray
Medical Law, Welfare Law, Moot Court, Legal Skills & Analysis, Tort Law and Family Law
Tel. +353 21 490 3809.  E-mail


Ms Dorothy Appelbe 
Clinical Legal Education Co-ordinator
Tel. +353-21-490 3203.  E-mail   

Dr Darius Whelan 
Research/ Teaching:  
Mental Health Law, Internet Regulation, Employment and Labour Law
Tel. +353 21 490 3452.  E-mail  

Dr Conor O’Mahony 
Research/ Teaching:  
Constitutional Law, Company Law
Tel. +353 21 490 3041.  E-mail  

Dr Aisling Parkes


International Children's Rights, Family Law, Welfare Law, Public Law, Evidence

Tel: 021-420-5167. Email:


Professor Maeve McDonagh 
Research/ Teaching:  
Freedom of Information, Privacy and Data Protection, Information Technology law, Human Rights 
Tel. +353 21 490 2854.  E-mail  


Dr Vittorio Bufacchi

Lecturer / Head of Department of Philosophy, UCC
T: +353-21-490-3000 F: +353 21 490 2567 E:

Dr Orla Lynch

Head of Criminology, Department of Sociology, UCC

T: +353-21-490-2807 E:


Samantha Williams (Postgraduate Representative)



Associate Members

Dr Mary Donnelly 
Research/ Teaching:  
Law of Financial Transactions, Credit and Security Law, Medical Law and Ethics 
Tel. +353 21 490 2857.  E-mail  

Dr Deirdre Madden 
Research/ Teaching:  
Medical Law, Company Law
Tel. +353 21 490 2990.  E-mail  


Postgraduate Members



General Contact Details


Tel. +353-(0)21-490 2224