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Research Projects & Activities

Funded Projects

We engage in direct research activities, through research undertaken by our members and in conjunction with colleagues across UCC and civil society organisations. We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided by different organisations for such research activities.

1. Disseminating Disaster Law for Europe (DILAW4E), 2019-2022 

The Jean Monnet Project Disseminating Disaster Law for Europe (DILAW4E) aims to support information activities, disseminate knowledge and promote research debate on the crucial implications of disaster law for the European, international and national institutions and to assess its impact on humanitarian activities of relevant stakeholders. (Funder: EU Erasmus+ Programme)

2. "Leave No One Behind Behind— Developing Climate-Smart/Disaster Risk Management Laws that Protect People in Vulnerable Situations for a Comprehensive Implementation of the UN Agenda 2030” 2019-2021 

This study was undertaken by IRC-MSCA CAROLINE Research fellow Dr Tommaso Natoli (UCC-IFRC) following his secondment to the IFRC Disaster Law Programme. (Funders: Irish Research Council and Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions)

The reports from this study can be viewed on the CCJHR website.

3. Enhancing the Integration of Disaster Risk and Climate Change Adaptation in Irish Emergency Planning, 2020-2022

The EPA has funded the MaREI Centre and the UCC School of Law to undertake research to assist key stakeholders in further integrating DRR and CCA in planning for risk management in the most vulnerable sectors and communities. (Funder: Environmental Protection Agency)

Learn more about this project on the MaREI website.

4. Advancing International Networks for Understanding, Researching and Implementing International Disaster Laws, 2017-2018

The CCJHR and the Irish Red Cross Society worked in partnership to undertake a series of information and awareness raising events to advance understanding of the evolving field of international disaster law. (Funder: Irish Research Council)

Learn more about the workshops by clicking on the links below:

Research Activities

International Disaster, Emergency and Law Network (IDEAL Net)

Dr Dug Cubie is a member of IDEAL Net, an international network of academics, practitioners, and students involved with disaster law, as well as partnered with various research centres and organisations. Members are passionate about learning, researching, and sharing various different perspectives about the impacts and challenges of disaster events. Their aim is to be a hub for legal research and discussion related to the various questions and challenges posed by emergencies and disasters. By fostering an international collaboration of ideas, IDEAL Net hopes to facilitate a community of accessible disaster law research and researchers from around the world, that is both interesting and relevant.

IFRC Disaster Law Database

The IFRC Disaster Law Database is the world’s largest collection of documents relating to disaster law, and was established to bring together in one place the resources needed for practitioners and academics working in the field of disaster law.

The materials in the Database come from the international, regional and domestic levels, and from a wide range of actors including states, international organisations, the IFRC and academic institutions.

Yearbook of International Disaster Law

The Yearbook of International Disaster Law aims to represent a hub for critical debate in this emerging area of research and policy and to foster the interest of academics, practitioners, stakeholders and policy-makers on legal and institutional issues relevant to all forms of natural, technological and human-made hazards. This Yearbook primarily addresses the international law dimension of relevant topics, alongside important regional and national dimensions relevant for further development of legal and policy initiatives.

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