Online Application Support and Troubleshooting Tips

Before You Apply – Useful Information

Postgraduate applications: Our application deadlines vary by programme.  Specific closing dates are outlined on our postgraduate prospectus. Many of our postgraduate programmes operate in rounds for EU applicants and you can find information regarding the deadlines for applications and the dates by which offers are made on the Postgraduate website. 

Non-EU undergraduate applications: Information on closing dates for Non-EU applications for undergraduate programmes can be found on the International Office undergraduate webpage.

Postgraduate applicants: Visit the postgraduate section of the website, where you can find information on the entry requirements of each programme. 

Non-EU undergraduate applicants: Visit the International Office undergraduate webpage, where you can find information on the entry requirements. 

For programme information and specific programme requirements, please refer to our undergraduate prospectus and course list.

The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is a framework of all learning achievements available in Ireland. You can find out more about the level that is required for your preferred programme and where your current qualification fits within our framework.

A specific comparison between Irish and non-Irish qualifications for UCC applicants is available.

Requisite qualifications may vary from programme to programme. Please check the prospectus for individual programme entry requirements. 

Postgraduate applicants: Information regarding the deadlines for applications and offers for postgraduate study can be found on the Graduate Studies Office postgraduate application dates webpage.

Non-EU undergraduate applicants: Information regarding the deadlines for applications and offers for Non-EU Applicants for undergraduate study can be found on the International Office undergraduate webpage.

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Online Application Process 

Go to the Online Application Portal

Click the button "Create Account" located under the ‘Sign In’ title.   


Once you click the button you will be sent to a page where you will be prompted to enter all your details and create your account. 


You can now return to the sign in page and attempt to login again.  

When your application is made, you should be sent an activation link to allow you to log in to the application portal.  

The 'My Profile' section on the main page of your portal allows you to view and update your personal details and your academic areas of interest. If you wish to change any of these, you simply need to press the “Update Profile” button, which is in the top right-hand side of the picture below (highlighted with a red circle). Please remember to save any changes before closing the page.

A screen shot of the landing page of student application portal  Form with fields that can be edited to include personal details such as name, email, cell number, address

Log into the Application Portal, and you can choose the programme you wish to apply for and pay an application fee of €50.  

Once you have paid for one application, you will receive a waiver code via email, which can be used to apply for one more postgraduate course, free of charge. 

Please check out our prospectus to ensure you are aware of entry requirements and closing dates for the programmes you are interested in.


On the “My Account” page of the portal you can create an application. The button is called “Create a New Application” which is located to the right of the My Applications heading and can be seen highlighted with a red circle in the picture above. Once clicked it will prompt you start your new application and enter all your details for applying.  

Your €50 application fee entitles you to apply for up to two different programmes. Once you pay for one application, you will then receive a waiver code by email to enable you to make a second application for a different programme.  

You can apply for more programmes if you wish however, you may only submit one application for any one programme. 

Below are screenshots with the steps to upload your supplemental items. 

  1. Log into your account.
  2. From your home screen click ‘view’ on the application you wish to add supplemental items to.  
  3. From the following screen click on the ‘upload supporting documents’ tab. 
  4. You will see a list of the items that you are required to upload. Please do not upload documents that have not been requested as these will not form part of the decision.
  5. Click ‘Choose File’ to upload a file from your computer.
  6. After selecting a file, click the ‘Upload’ button on the portal, to complete the submission. 

Before you apply, you need to identify a supervisor and have them agree to supervise your research. Please see the steps in Applying for Research Courses, and then search for potential supervisors in your speciality area. 

Please note it is at a supervisor’s discretion as to whether they are happy to accept you as a student. 

Depending on the programme you are applying for, there are three different ways to upload references.  

  1.  You may be asked for the names and contact details of referees as part of the application form.

    Screenshot showing where students can input reference requests in their application.

  2.  You may be asked to download and upload a specific reference form as part of your supplemental items after you have submitted the application form. 

       3.You may be asked to fill in a reference request form as part of your supplemental items after you have submitted the application form.

The submission section for your reference requests can be found under the Supplemental Items section on your application portal and can be seen in the picture above.  

Please note: Not all programmes require reference requests therefore if this section is empty, it is not required for your programme.  

If your programme does require a reference request and you experience an error when submitting it using our portal then please try the following:  

      (A) Ensure your browser is up to date

      (B) Clear the cache on your browser

      (C) If you’re still having trouble after trying (A) & (B), please contact us.

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After You Have Applied 

Once you have submitted your application you cannot update it yourself.  Therefore, please be cautious when completing your application.  If you need to amend your application after submission, please contact us. 


If you are an international student, and wish to change your agent or add an agent after you have submitted an application, please contact your agent for an agent authorisation form and email it to  

You can download a letter from your application form once you receive a formal offer from University College Cork. This is your official acceptance onto a UCC programme and can be used to apply for visas etc.

You will receive an email alert once your offer expires to let you know.  If you wish to take up your place after the offer expires you will need to contact us to request this. A member of our team will check if there are still places available on the programme and will be able to extend your offer where possible. 

You may receive an offer on different programmes at different times. Please note that only one offer can be accepted in the  system at any time. If you have accepted your preferred programme, please decline any subsequent offers you may receive. If you accept one offer and are subsequently offered a place on your preferred programme, accepting this place will cancel your original acceptance. If you have paid a deposit on one programme and subsequently accept a second programme, the deposit will be transferred across.  

You can withdraw the programme you originally applied for on your application portal and make a new application for the programme you wish to be considered for. It is not possible to change a programme choice after you have submitted. 

Below are screenshots with the steps to withdraw your application. 

  1. Log into your account
  2. From your home screen click ‘view’ on the application you wish to withdraw. 
  3. Click ‘withdraw’ from the following screen 
  4. Please note that once a decision is made on your applicationyou will no longer be able to withdraw it. If, however, you wish to cancel your application, please contact us. 

If you wish to cancel the acceptance of your place on a programme, you can do so in your portal. 

When you log in you will see that there is information on where to go to cancel your acceptance in the 'Useful Information' section.

As outlined in the text, click the "Update Profile" button which is also highlighted in the picture above. 

You will be then taken to a different screen, please scroll down to the 'Cancel Acceptance of Offer' section of the screen which is highlighted below. 

Complete the outlined fields.

'Academic Programme’ will be prepopulated with the name of the programme you have accepted. Once you have completed the fields, please scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Save’. 

The system will then save the cancellation of your acceptance.

You will receive an email confirming this, and the status of your application will change to ‘Application Cancelled’ on your portal.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulty with this process please contact us.


For EU postgraduate students: If you have already accepted a place on a postgraduate programme and wish to defer entry until the following intake, you can find information on the postgraduate deferrals webpage

For Non-EU postgraduate students: If you wish to defer your place on a postgraduate programme you need to have accepted your offer and have paid your deposit. Please contact us if you wish to enquire about deferring your place as this is considered on an individual programme basis

For Non-EU undergraduate students: Applicants can defer their offer for any undergraduate programme except for Medicine (CK701), Graduate Entry Medicine (CK791) or Dentistry (CK702).


For additional queries, please contact us. 

For postgraduate students: You can check the minimum entry requirements for all programmes on the prospectus. If you want more information about your application, contact the programme coordinator (found in prospectus), or contact us. 

For Non-EU undergraduate students: You can check the minimum entry requirements for all programmes on the prospectus. If you want more information about your application, contact us. 


Postgraduate programmes: Fees are all available to view on the postgraduate prospectus.

Undergraduate programmes: Fees are all available to view on the fees schedule.

There is an application fee of €50, which covers two applications. After applying for your first application, you will receive an email with a one-use waiver code which you can use to apply for a second application. 

The application fee of €50 applies for all applicants. It is not possible for this fee to be waived. You will receive a fee waiver code by email to enable you to make a second application without being charged an additional fee.  

You can make another application for a programme to UCC at no extra cost using the fee waiver code that is emailed to you following your first application. Please note that this waiver code is only valid for a single use during the current application cycle only.  

You will be asked to apply this code on the application fee payment page before submitting your next application. Please only apply your waiver code when you are ready to submit the application. If you refresh the page or hit the back button, your waiver code will expire. If you have any difficulty using the fee waiver code that is sent to you by email, please do contact us.

When you receive an offer with deposit, you will need to pay your deposit online through the portal in order to accept your place. You have 28 days from the date of offer to accept your place and pay your deposit. If you are having any technical difficulty paying your deposit please contact us.

The €50 application fee and programme deposit (if applicable) need to be paid through the system by credit / debit card.  If you have any technical issues with payment, please contact us for additional payment help and information. 

Your deposit is non-refundable unless you are refused a student visa or do not meet the conditions of your original offer. Please contact us if you need to update us on your acceptance status.

Troubleshooting Your Account 

Our application portal supports the latest versions of Chrome, Edge and Safari. Please check that your browser is up-to date 

If you are experiencing payment issues, please try an alternative card for this payment. Some card issues, for example exceeding a transaction limit, may require you to contact your bank.  

We would recommend clearing your browser cache before attempting to submit your application again. You can find information on how to do this in Google Chrome. 

If issues persist, please do contact us and we will do everything we can to help.  

1. You can reset your account password by clicking the “Forgot your password?” button which can be found on the Sign In page, as circled in red in the picture below.  

2. It will then send you to the “Forgot Password” page prompting you to enter your email address into a text box. This text box is outlined with a red box in the picture below. Once you have entered your email address, click on the “Send Email” button to continue.  

3. After you click the “Send Email” button a message should appear on the screen as shown in the picture below asking you to check your email.  Please check your email and click the link to reset your password.  

4.Once you click the Password Reset link you will be sent to the “Password Reset” page.

  On this page you will be prompted to enter a new password and confirm this new password in the two text boxes outlined in the red box in the picture below.

  Click the “Reset Password” button to confirm the resetting of your password. You will get an email to confirm your password has been changed.  

UCC automatically locks an account if you enter your details incorrectly three times. To unlock your account please contact us and we can resolve your issue.  

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