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Ace Finance


When and How Much Must I Pay?

1) Student can pay fees in full during online registration

2) Student can pay fees in two instalments. Minimum first instalment 50% of total fee due. The balance is to be paid by 31st January.

NOTE: CPD applicants must pay their fees in full at the application stage if the fees are less than €1000 for the course. 

Where registration is other than Academic Year start date please note the following payment dates.

  Start Date   Registration   Balance Due
  April   50% of Fees Due   30th July 
  July    50% of Fees Due   31st October
  October    50% of Fees Due   31st January 
  January    50% of Fees Due   30th April

Any student with an outstanding fee who has not engaged with ACE Finance ( will be unable to progress to the next year of their course or request transcripts or attend their conferring.

Payment Options

1) Make a Payment Online

Please log into your Student IT Services and these following instructions

  1. Go to in any web browser
  2. Click on MyStudentAdmin section
  3. Enter your Student ID number and your password and continue to login
  4. Click on Fees located on the left hand side menu
  5. Click on Pay Outstanding Fees and follow through with payment

NB. If you have forgotten your password or need further instructions please click MyStudentAdmin Fees and Password Reset Instructions

2) Sponsorship Form Payment

Sponsorship details must be supplied and the ACE Sponsorship Form returned prior to the commencement of your course. On return, the sponsoring body will be invoiced for the amount allocated to sponsorship. It is important to note that responsibility for the prompt and full payment of fees ultimately lies with the student.

Please email your completed form to

You will need to request an invoice each year from acefinance as we do not automatically send a form for the second year of the programme.

Financial Supports

For any students experiencing financial difficulties the following supports are in place:

  • The UCC Student Assistance fund this does not pay course fees directly but can contribute to rent, utilities and food costs.
  • The Student Union Hardship fund which may be able to provide some advice and assistance. 
  • Student Budgeting Advice Service offers advice on financial planning and support to UCC students, including offering one-on-one advice. 
  • ACE have a strong relationship with the Lough Credit Union in Cork and secured a competitive student loan rate for ACE students, this rate is competitive in the market and is lower than other credit unions.  The rate is fixed and will not increase following the upcoming ECB rate increase. A loan will be offered to ACE students once they demonstrate capacity to pay, and it will allow ACE students to repay fees over a twelve month plus period.  The Lough Credit Union is student friendly, nearby, flexible and is open to anyone who lives, works or studies in the area.

Their loans team offer an onboarding facility, for further details students can contact

Their website is

Potential applicants should identify themselves as ACE students.

Student Debtor and CPD Debtor Policy

Policy Outline

  • Students must pay their fees by the notified dates.
  • A late fee penalty applies in all cases where fees payable by the student are paid after the notified payment date.
  • It is the responsibility of students to familiarise themselves with the the University's regulations, which cover student fees, payment dates and registration procedures.
  • Liability for fees rests with the student for the duration of their course.
  • Students with outstanding fees will not be permitted to progress to the next year of their study or graduate. 
  • To view our Student Debtor Policy in full please click here: Student Debtor and CPD Debtor Policy


Receipt of Payment

If you are looking for a receipt of payment, please email ACE Finance at

Fee Refunds

Ace students requesting refund of fees for reasons of withdrawal or overpayment must send an email to ACE Finance at Click here for further information.

Students Due To Graduate

  1. Students who are due to graduate, please check your balance and pay any outstanding fees online through your Student Admin.
  2. Please contact once payment of fees has been made to enable your records to be updated.
  3. Liability for fees rests with students. Students are only allowed to graduate when all fees have been paid to the ACE Finance Office. Please note that students will not be allowed to graduate where fees remain outstanding.
  4. If our records are incorrect and fees have been paid, please contact 

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