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Recent Publications

  • Lotty, M., Bantry-White, E., & Dunn-Galvin, A. (2022). Towards a More Comprehensive Understanding of Fostering Connections: The Trauma-Informed Foster Care Programme: A Mixed Methods Approach with Data Integration.  International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies13(1), 1-29.

  • Lotty, M. (2021).Making Sense of the Practice of Trauma-informed Care: A Response to the need to implement Trauma-informed Care into front-line practice. The Irish Social Worker, Winter, 160-171.
  • Lotty, M & Lynch, S. (2021). Finding the Common Ground: families, relationships, and child-focused practice in foster care. The Irish Social Worker,Winter, 128-145.
  • Staunton, C. (2021) Rape Myth Acceptance, Gender Inequality and Male Sexual Entitlement: A Commentary on the Implications for Victims of Sexual Violence in Irish Society. International Journal of Nursing and Health Care Research (ISSN: 2688-9501)
  • Ó Tuama, S. (2020) Learning Neighbourhoods: Lifelong learning, Community and Sustainability in Cork Learning City. Andragoška spoznanja/Studies in Adult Education and Learning, 2020, 26(1), 53-65.

  • Ó Tuama, S. (2019). Community-Engaged Universities: Approaches and Context. Adult Learning, 30(3), 95-98

  • Johnson, M., Danvers, E., Hinton-Smith, T., Atkinson, K., Bowden, G., Foster, J., .Ó Tuama, S., Williams, S. (2019). Higher Education Outreach: Examining Key Challenges for Academics. British Journal of Educational Studies, 67(4), 469-491. 

  • O'Sullivan, S., O'Tuama, S., & Kenny, L. (2017). Universities as key responders to education inequality. Global Discourse, 7(4), 527. 

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  • Ó Tuama, S. (2016) ‘Adult education and reflexive activation: prioritizing recognition, respect, dignity and capital accumulation. European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults, 7 (1)107-118. 

  • Ó Tuama, S. and O’Sullivan, S. (2015) Designing and Implementing Learning Neighbourhoods in Cork’s UNESCO Learning City project paper at Commission for International Adult Education (CIAE) Conference, Oklahoma.

  • Ó Tuama, S. and Krober, E. (2015) Collaborating for a better Europe: Good Ideas for the good line in University Lifelong Learning, paper at 47th EUCEN Conference, Istanbul.

  • Ó Tuama, S (2014) ‘Recognition, Respect, Dignity and Capital Accumulation: Putting the adult learner into the centre of things’ paper at Commission for International Adult Education (CIAE) Conference, Charleston

  • Ó Tuama, S. (2014) ‘Learning as capital accumulation and not just skill accumulation’ paper at 2nd International Conference of the ESREA Research Network 'Working Life and Learning', Osnabruck.

  • El Amoud, L. and Ó Tuama, S (2014) ‘Breaking Down Barriers To University-Business Cooperation In The University: Change Through Incentivisation’ paper at 2014 University-Industry Interaction Conference, Barcelona.

  • Denayer, W. and Ó Tuama, S (2014) Forgetting Economics paper at Anthropological Association of Ireland Annual Conference, Sligo.

  • Ó Tuama, S. (2013) ‘A Networking University and Lifelong Learning in an EcoWeLL City’ paper at Glasgow: A City of the Future - the EcoWeLL Approach for 2020, Conference, Glasgow.

  • Ó Tuama, S. (2013) ‘Expert-lay relations in the policy process’, Annual Celsius Conference, Dublin City University, Dublin.

  • Ó Tuama, S. (2013) Delivering UCC’s Adult Education & Lifelong Learning Mission: 2013-2017 (Strategic Plan), University College Cork, Cork.

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Recent Reports

  • ACE Strategic Plan 2013-2017 - Ciara Staunton, Seamus O Tuama, Lyndsey El Amoud, Colette O Sullivan, Sinead O Neill, Griffin Murray, Deirdre McGlynn.
  • Denayer, W and Ó Tuama, S. (2008) Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods and Cork City Council, Unit for Social Inclusion. Commission Report.

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