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Short Course - Foreword

Adult Continuing Education, University College Cork, is pleased to present a newly augmented range of short courses for the Autumn/Winter Semester 2019. Since 2005, Adult Continuing Education (ACE) has been offering an extensive programme of short courses. The number of courses on offer has increased steadily since this time, as has the number of participants that are attracted to our programmes. We are now one of the leading providers of short courses in an Irish university context. The short course programme is an integral part of ACE’s identity and our reputation for offering high quality, relevant and topic-diverse courses has gained in the public awareness. The success of our programme can, in part, rest with the fact that each year we strive to add new course subjects to our existing portfolio. This brings a sense of vibrancy and freshness to our programme and encourages, amongst potential participants, a sense of anticipation for what the new academic year might bring. Our selection is guided by the intention to appeal to a broad range of interests, concerns, and needs. To satisfy such a range, our courses cover a diverse range of topics from Confident Communication to Creative Writing; Art Therapy to Cyber Psychology to Genealogy. We hope that from the courses on offer, you will find one, if not more, that either serve to strengthen your knowledge in an area of existing interest or perhaps introduce you to a new area of learning or perhaps facilitate your professional development.

Furthermore, these courses showcase the work and interests of the University in a public forum. We would like to thank and acknowledge our many internal and external partners whose participation brings success and energy to our courses.

We are by nature curious for the new, be it new information, new opinions or new viewpoints. We trust that participation in a course of study will enable you to think in new ways. More importantly, we wish that your choice of course brings you enjoyment and intellectual reward in an informal and sociable setting.

While our courses are non-assessed, we see them as a means of engaging you in the rewards of lifelong learning; your participation may be the first step towards committing yourself to a more dedicated programme of education and self discovery in the future. Our short courses are not only accessible but they are also a very enjoyable and sociable way to touch with learning. And, I’m happy to say that many students who come to UCC through a short course continue to longer accredited and degree courses. We aim to open to the door and welcome people in and once they take that step inside we work to build confidence and to foster amongst our students a love of learning for both personal and professional development.

We wish you every success and enjoyment on our programmes.

New courses for this semester include:

American Power in the Age of Trump

Beyond Myth: The Legacy of Ancient Athens

Celts and Celtic Civilisation: Origins, Literature and Identity

Climate Change Impacts on Water, Energy, Carbon Cycles and Renewable Energy

Dementia: What Exactly is it and What Happens to the Brain

Destination Spain: An Introduction to the Changing Face of Spain’s Culture and Society

How to Read Art

Learn to Play Javanese Gamelan Music

Literature Miscellany: This, That and the Other

Making, Living and Negotiating Change: Women’s Lives in Ireland Since 1970s

Northlands: A Short History of the Vikings

Re-imagining the Irish Revolutionary Period

Silent Witnesses: Trees, Poetry and Romanticism

The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Learn How to Think and Act Like an Entrepreneur

The Hungry Mind: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Food

The Science of Food Gardening

Tune into your Potential: Mind, Body, Intuition


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