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Victoria Spillane


Victoria is a Research Support Officer, with carrying out Office Manager duties at APC Microbiome Ireland based in UCC, Cork. She is also a member of Crohn’s & Colitis Ireland where she helps to manage their online SM accounts as well as being host to many of their online workshops. Victoria has trained from a Social Science perspective on how best to help others along with progressing into the field of health research via a Master’s in Public Health & Epidemiology.

Victoria has a keen interest in being part of a team that can encourage public patient engagement to highlight the importance of the patients voices as well as their loved ones. She is currently a member of the APC Operations team which is integral to the working of the Centres day to day ops activities, along with being an eager contributor to bringing PPI based research to APC on a larger scale. Victoria is passionate about drawing from her own lived experience with IBD for the last 23 years to be an advocate for those who look to have their voices heard while being able to give the Centre a continued insight from a patients perspective when needed.



Victoria Spillane

Contact Details:


APC Research Support Officer


Master’s in Public Health & Epidemiology



APC Microbiome Ireland

Biosciences Building, University College Cork, Ireland,