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The APC team

The APC team

Our people are our greatest asset. The APC has a team of microbiologists, immunologists, food scientists, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists pharmacologists, nutritionists and biochemists working together to understand the complex environment of the gastrointestinal tract and its microbial community. The APC has a unique blend of clinicians, clinician-scientists and basic scientists, facilitating truly translational research from “bench to bedside”.

APC Microbiome Ireland is about people. It is about shared minds, collaboration and multidisciplinary teams. It is about the creation of an environment conducive to learning, research and innovation. We have an international mix of staff from Ireland and 20 other countries. Our APC staff and associated staff of more than 300, cover categories such as undergraduate students, research assistants, PhD students, MD fellows, postdoctoral fellows, independent investigators and administrative staff.

Funded Investigators


First Name Last Name Title Email
Mary Crowley Ms  
Christine Fitzgibbons Ms  
Fionola Keohane Ms  
Orlagh O'Connor Ms  
Carol-Anne O'Shea Ms  

Research Assistants

First Name Last Name Title Email
Amanda Brechon Ms  
Jillian Brown Ms  
Maria Buckley Ms  
David Campos Marin Mr  
Jack Daly Ms  
Giulio De Benedetto Mr  
Gavin Dillon Mr  
Sian Egerton Mr  
Laura Finnegan Ms  
Werner Frei Mr  
David Hourigan Mr  
Glenn Kennedy Mr  
Iwona Kozak Ms  
Natasha Leeuwendaal    
Alvaro Lopez Gallardo Mr  
Gerard Moloney Dr  
Niamh Moore Ms  
James Mullan Mr  
Mary-Jane Murphy Ms  
Ellen Murray Ms  
Michelle Nugent Ms  
Orlagh O'Connor Ms  
Paula O'Connor Ms  
Tara O'Driscoll Ms  
Loreto Olivarra Mr  
Catherine O'Leary Ms  
Orla O'Regan Ms  
Rory Pang Mr  
Paola Pellanda Ms  
Joanna Pereira Ms  
Muireann Smith Ms  
Cecilia Soria Ms  
Katie Togher Ms  
Imme van der Kamp Ms  
Francisca Villalobos Ms  
Klara Vickova Ms  

Postgraduate Students

Last Name First Name Title Postion Email
Ahern Grace Ms PhD student grace.ahern@teagasc.ie
Ambrogi Valentina Ms PhD student 114224129@umail.ucc.ie
Azevedo Lisa Ms PhD student lisa_azevedo1995@hotmail.com
Baker Kevin Mr PhD student 113520527@umail.ucc.ie
Barrett Maurice Mr PhD student 115223349@umail.ucc.ie
Bastiaanssen Thomaz Mr PhD student thomaz.bactiaanssen@ucc.ie
Beegan Aidan Mr PhD student 119224918@umail.ucc.ie
Borodovich Tatiana Ms PhD student 119222683@umail.ucc.ie
Boscaini Serena Ms PhD student serena.boscaini@teagasc.ie
Bourke Ruth Mr PhD student ruth.bourke@umail.ucc.ie
Butler Stephen Mr PhD student 109081283@umail.ucc.ie
Buttimer Finbarr Mr PhD student f.j.buttimer@umail.ucc.ie
Caffrey Femhe Mr PhD student 118224216@umail.ucc.ie
Callanan Julie Ms PhD student julie.callanan@umail.ucc.ie
Carr Clodagh Ms PhD student clodagh.carr@umail.ucc.ie
Choudhury Shatabdi Ms PhD student 113154346@umail.ucc.ie
Cluzel Gaston Mr PhD Student gaston.cluzel@ucc.ie
Collins James Mr PhD Student james_collins@ucc.ie
Cronin Peter Mr PhD student 113306156@umail.ucc.ie
Da Silva Morais Emilene Ms PhD student 118222173@umail.ucc.ie
Das Mrinmoy Mr PhD student 114220214@umail.ucc.ie
Diaz Joan Ms PhD student 114153912@umail.ucc.ie
Dineen Rebecca Ms MSc student 111703269@umail.ucc.ie
Dorland Diane Eline Ms PhD student 117107883@umail.ucc.ie
Doyle Natasha Ms PhD student 113387241@umail.ucc.ie
Eckenberger Julia Ms PhD student 116223742@umail.ucc.ie
Ennis Jenna-Claire Ms PhD student 114223773@umail.ucc.ie
Fala Katie Ms PhD student katie.fala@teagasc.ie
Fernandes P Ms PhD student p.fernandes@umail.ucc.ie
Fitzgerald Brian Mr PhD student 112301706@umail.ucc.ie
Fitzgerald Catherine Ms PhD student 118225231@umail.ucc.ie
Fitzgerald Rachel Ms PhD student 110303165@umail.ucc.ie
Fitzpatrick Amy Ms PhD student amy.fizpatrick@teagasc.ie
Fleming Barry Mr PhD student 116223067@umail.ucc.ie
Flores Yensi Ms PhD student 114220490@umail.ucc.ie
Forde Brian Mr PhD student brian.forde@ucc.ie
Gheorghe Cassandra Ms PhD student 117108130@umail.ucc.ie
Gonzalez Natalia Ms PhD student 118110981@umail.ucc.ie
Guerin Emma Ms PhD student emma.guerin@umail.ucc.ie
Guzzetta Katherine Ms PhD student 118220367@umail.ucc.ie
Hanrahan Naomi Ms PhD student 113350466@umail.ucc.ie
Harris Hugh Mr PhD student 103002161@umail.ucc.ie
Harvey Harry Mr PhD student 113739369@umail.ucc.ie
Hickey Ana Ms PhD student ana.hickey@umail.ucc.ie
Hill Daragh Ms PhD student daragh.hill@teagasc.ie
Hojabri Sara Ms PhD student 116100273@umail.ucc.ie
Keane Jonathan Mr PhD student 1076600049@umail.ucc.ie
Kelly Sandra Ms PhD student 115224042@umail.ucc.ie
Keyes Jennifer Ms PhD student jennifer.keyes@umail.ucc.ie
Killian Christina Ms PhD student c.killian@umail.ucc.ie
Knox Emily Ms PhD student emily.grace.knox@umail.ucc.ie
Lawrence Garreth Mr PhD student garreth.lawrence@teagasc.ie
Leech John Mr PhD student john.leech@teagasc.ie
Lewis Rhea Ms PhD student rhea.lewis@umail.ucc.ie
Linehan Kevin Mr PhD student 114467738@umail.ucc.ie
Long Sarah Louise Ms PhD student 107454392@umail.ucc.ie
Lordan Cathy Ms PhD student cathy.lordan@teagasc.ie
Lynch Caoimhe Ms PhD student 115495878@umail.ucc.ie
Lynch Fionn Mr PhD student 109509763@umail.ucc.ie
Lynch Mary Jane Ms PhD student 100362948@umail.ucc.ie
Lyons Caitriona Ms PhD student caitriona.lyons@umail.ucc.ie
Madheswaran Srinivasan Mr PhD student 113103717@umail.ucc.ie
Mbandlwa Philiswa Mr PhD student 116220749@umail.ucc.ie
McCarthy Geoffrey Ms PhD student geoffrey.mccarthy@teagasc.ie
Mc Mahon Aoife Ms PhD student 112313596@umail.ucc.ie
Mignone Giulia Ms PhD student giulia.mignone@mycit.ie
Minuto Chiara Ms PhD student 115224185@umail.ucc.ie
Moloney Eimear Ms PhD student 109316078@umail.ucc.ie
Neto Marta Ms PhD student marta.neto@ucc.ie
Nota Minke Ms PhD student 117107835@umail.ucc.ie
O’Connor Laura Ms PhD student 118227103@umail.ucc.ie
O’Connor Karen Ms PhD student karen.m.oconnor@umail.ucc.ie
O’Connor Michelle Ms PhD student 118227238@umail.ucc.ie
O’Connor Rory Mr PhD student 106565271@umail.ucc.ie
O’Donoghue Keith Ms PhD student 110701619@umail.ucc.ie
O’Donovan Aoife Ms PhD student aoife.odonovan@teagasc.ie
O’Leime Ciaran Mr PhD student c.oleime@umail.ucc.ie
O’Rourke Shane Mr PhD student 119226077@umail.ucc.ie
Ortiz Charneco Guillermo Mr PhD student 118224243@umail.ucc.ie
O’Sullivan Aoife Ms MD student aoife_osullivan@ucc.ie
O’Sullivan Jill Ms PhD student 114303891@umail.ucc.ie
O’Sullivan Julie Ms PhD student julie.osullivan@teagasc.ie
Patangia Dhrati Ms PhD student dhrati.patangia@teagasc.ie
Pennycook Joseph Mr PhD student 118226379@ucc.ie
Power Emily Ms PhD student 98523619@umail.ucc.ie
Quilter Karina Ms PhD student 114478552@umail.ucc.ie
Rajaram Subhasree Ms PhD student 113154389@umail.ucc.ie
Ritz Nathaniel Mr PhD student 118220965@umail.ucc.ie
Rodriguez Patricia Ms PhD student 119112655@umail.ucc.ie
Ruhl Yannick Ms PhD student 116103494@umail.ucc.ie
Ryan David Mr PhD student 115327536@umail.ucc.ie
Saiz Gonzalo Mr PhD student 118106217@umail.ucc.ie
Sajjad Jahangir Ms PhD student 113221826@umail.ucc.ie
Sanchez Gallardo Rocio Mr PhD student 115133478@umail.ucc.ie
Sequeira Ana Marta Ms PhD student 116102966@umail.ucc.ie
Simons Luuk Mr PhD student 116102407@umail.ucc.ie
Singh Raminder Mr PhD student 116220866@umail.ucc.ie
Slattery Conor Mr PhD student 112449782@umail.ucc.ie
Spichak Simon Mr PhD student 117227876@umail.ucc.ie
Stanley Maurice Mr PhD student 115220294@umail.ucc.ie
Sugrue Ivan Ms PhD student ivan.sugrue@teagasc.ie
Sullivan Ashley Ms PhD student 111429152@umail.ucc.ie
Sundt Eline Marie Ms PhD student 116763371@umail.ucc.ie
Sutton Thomas Mr PhD student 110329971@umail.ucc.ie
Theune Nigel Mr PhD student 119112132@umail.ucc.ie
Tobin Conor Mr PhD student conor.tobin@teagasc.ie
Udayan Sreeram Ms PhD student 114220528@umail.ucc.ie
Uniacke Lowe Shona Ms PhD student 113333566@umail.ucc.ie
Videgain Adria Ms PhD student 119112660@umail.ucc.ie
Vigano Giula Maria Diletta Ms PhD student 117106466@umail.ucc.ie
Walker Sidney Mr PhD student 109313389@umail.ucc.ie
Wallace Fitzsimons Shauna Ms PhD student 115224354@umail.ucc.ie
Walsh Clodagh Ms PhD student clodagh.walsh@teagasc.ie
Walsh Lauren Ms PhD student 114434442@umail.ucc.ie
Walsh Liam Mr PhD student liam.walsh@teagasc.ie
Warda Alicja Ms PhD student alicja.warda@ucc.ie
White Kelsey Ms PhD student 120221154@umail.ucc.ie
Wiggins Savage Kelsie Ms PhD student 114389406@umail.ucc.ie
Wiley Niamh Ms PhD student niamh.wiley@teagasc.ie
Wilmes Lars Mr PhD student 120225208@umail.ucc.ie
Wosinska Laura Ms PhD student laura.wosinska@teagasc.ie
Yap Min Ms PhD student min.yap@teagasc.ie
Zhong Xiaozhong Mr MSc student 117106470@umail.ucc.ie

Postdoctoral Fellows

Last Name First Name Email
Arbuluruiz Sara sara.arbuluruiz@teagasc.ie
Barton Wiley wiley.barton@teagasc.ie
Bavaro Simona simona.bavaro@teagasc.ie
Beck Matthias matthiasbeck@ucc.ie
Berding Harold Kirsten kirsten.berdingharold@ucc.ie
Bottacini Francesca francesca.bottacini@ucc.ie
Brocka Marta marta.brocka@ucc.ie
Buivydas Andrius andrius.buivydas@ucc.ie
Busca KizKitza kiskitza.busca@teagasc.ie
Butler Mary mary.butler@ucc.ie
Buttimer Colin colin.buttimer@ucc.ie
Cabre Silvia silvia.cabre@ucc.ie
Caputi Valentina valentina.caputi@ucc.ie
Carbia Carina carina.carbiasinde@ucc.ie
Codagnone Martin martin.codagnone@ucc.ie
Cowan Caitlin caitlin.cowan@ucc.ie
Crispie Fiona fiona.crispie@teagasc.ie
Darch Henry henry.darch@ucc.ie
Egan Muireann muireann.egan@teagasc.ie
Esteban Torres Maria maria.estebantorres@umail.ucc.ie
Fanning Aine a.fanning@ucc.ie
Field Des des.field@ucc.ie
Fitzgerald Jamie jamie.fitzgerald@ucc.ie
Fitzgerald Pat p.fitzgerald@ucc.ie
Flood Peter peter.flood@ucc.ie
Fulling Christine christine.fulling@ucc.ie
Ghosh Tarini tarini.ghosh@ucc.ie
Golubeva Anna a.golubeva@ucc.ie
Harris Erin erin.harris@ucc.ie
Healy Brian brian.healy@teagasc.ie
Healy Kiera kiera.healy@teagasc.ie
Herisson Florence florence.herisson@ucc.ie
Hoffmann Sarda Fabiana fabiana.hoffmannsarda@ucc.ie
Hueston Cara chueston@ucc.ie
Huseyin Chloe chloe.huseyin@ucc.ie
Jaggar Minal minal.jaggar@ucc.ie
Jimenez Maria maria.jimenez@ucc.ie
Kara Nirit nirit.kara@ucc.ie
Kelleher Philip philip.kelleher@ucc.ie
Konstantinidou Nina 111221450@umail.ucc.ie
Leao de Almeida Eduardo eduardo.dealmeida@ucc.ie
Lee Ciaran ciaran.lee@ucc.ie
Leong Dara dara.leong@ucc.ie
Lynch Ali 108429847@umail.ucc.ie
Mahony Jennifer J.Mahony@ucc.ie
Nunez Sanchez Maria Angeles mariaangeles.nunezsanchez@ucc.ie
Martin Jason jason.martin@ucc.ie
Martinez Sonia sonia.martinez@ucc.ie
Mathur Harsh harsh.mathur@ucc.ie
McDonnell Brian brian.mcdonnell@ucc.ie
McHugh Aoife aoife.mchugh@teagasc.ie
Mills Susan susan.mills@ucc.ie
Minuto Chiara 115224185@umail.ucc.ie
Mondal Shakhinur shakhinur.mondal@ucc.ie
Mullan James jmullan@ucc.ie
Nagpal Jatin jatin.nagpal@ucc.ie
Nilaweera Kanishka kanishka.nilaweera@teagasc.ie
Ntemiri Alexandra alexandra.ntemiri@ucc.ie
Nychyk Oleksandr oleksandr.nychyk@teagasc.ie
O’Brien Frances f.obrien@ucc.ie
O’Donnell Michelle michelle.odonnell@ucc.ie
O’Donovan Ciara ciara.odonovan@teagasc.ie
O’Neill Ian ian.oneill@ucc.ie
O’Sullivan Julie 111311936@umail.ucc.ie
Parlindungan Elvina elvina.parlindungan@ucc.ie
Patel Shriram shriram.patel@ucc.ie
Penno Christophe c.penno@ucc.ie
Perez Garcia Marta marta.perezgarcia@ucc.ie
Perez Ibarreche Mariana mariana.perezibarreche@ucc.ie
Pinheiro Jorge (Nuno) jorge.pinheiro@ucc.ie
Pujabet Monica Aguilera monica.aguilerap@gmail.com
Ramonvazquez Ana ana.ramonvazquez@ucc.ie
Recio Miguel miguel.recio@ucc.ie
Rossini Valerio valerio.rossini@ucc.ie
Rubio Raul raul.cabrerarubio@teagasc.ie
Rudkin Justine justine.rudkin@ucc.ie
Ruiz Cruz Sofia sofia.ruizcruz@ucc.ie
Ryan Eileen eileen.ryan@ucc.ie
Santos de Almeida Ana a.almeida@ucc.ie
Schverer Marina marina.schverer@ucc.ie
Shkoporov Andrey andrey.shkoporov@ucc.ie
Simpson Paul paul.simpson@teagasc.ie
Skowyra Agnieszka agnieszka.skoyra@ucc.ie
Stamou Pepi panagiota.stamou@ucc.ie
Stockdale Stephen stephen.stockdale@ucc.ie
Strain Conall conall.strain@teagasc.ie
Taheri Nayyer nayyer.taheri@ucc.ie
Tran Tam tam.tran@ucc.ie
Ullivarri Miguel miguel.ullivarri@teagasc.ie
Velmuruga Janaki janaki.velmuruga@ucc.ie
Wang Shaopu Shaopu.Wang@teagasc.ie
Warda Alicja alicja.warda@ucc.ie
Woznicki Jerzy j.woznicki@ucc.ie

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