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Interacting with APC

The research activities of APC are relevant to many different industry sectors – food, pharma, biotechnology, infant nutrition, medical foods, diagnostics, sports nutrition, and animal health areas such as veterinary, companion pet care and animal feed. APC is a national resource with a research agenda that is fully aligned with the national research priority areas. The APC’s principal investigators and faculty are experts across a range of disciplines, and are leading global experts in their fields. APC has also developed an array of technology platforms that are of benefit to industry clients in furthering their own R&D agendas.

APC has over a decade of experience in managing industry interactions across a broad range of areas. We welcome new strategic industry partners from Ireland and globally, through a variety of flexible modalities, including research collaborations and industry-academia placements. The benefits of partnership include the ability to undertake collaborative research with a reduced overhead cost, access to our technology platforms, our extensive databases and the reservoir of knowledge held by the APC investigators (subject to confidentiality, intellectual property arrangements and respect for existing partnerships). In addition, there is reputational benefit accruing from interacting with one of the leading centres of excellence in gut microbiota in the world.

The translation of APC research to commercial outputs is of primary importance in our research programme. The APC is well practiced in managing intellectual property, has intimate knowledge of the specific needs of commercial/industrial collaborators, and has its own Intellectual Property Manager. We work closely with the relevant State agencies and can support clients in accessing appropriate state funding mechanisms.

Those interested in collaborating with the APC please contact: Brendan Curran, Interim General Manager

Intellectual Property (IP) Management

APC has a decade of experience as a translational research centre collaborating with a wide range of Industry partners, and has developed a rigorous approach to, and practise of, IP discovery and management, to maximise the return on research investment. Central to this is the close integration of APC IP Management personnel, including the APC’s Commercialisation Case Manager, Emer O'Shea with the Commercialisation and Intellectual Property Committee (CIPC)Executive Management Group (EMG), and the University’s Technology Transfer Office (TTO).

All APC staff are informed of the workings of the Centre in relation to its translational objectives, industry interactions, and IP agreements. The use of Researcher Undertakings protects IP ownership, while diligent use of Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) regulates and protects transfer of materials and information, and publication screening prevents unauthorised or premature disclosure of sensitive and valuable IP. Inventions and innovations are captured and evaluated for patentability and commercial potential before proceeding with patent applications and mapping out appropriate routes for commercialisation, from licensing to spinouts.

Industry projects are governed by collaboration agreements with input from Industry Steering Committees.  Options to license IP are granted to Industry Partners and license agreements are negotiated. APC reserves the right to use IP for research and teaching purposes and freedom to operate is maintained around use of platform tools and technologies to sustain the capacity to attract new industry partners and for training and education purposes.

If you are interested in exploring any of these technology opportunities or discussing potential research collaborations, please contact Emer O'Shea Commercialisation Case Manager emeroshea@ucc.ie

Spinout Companies

APC Microbiome Ireland has spun out 3 companies since 2012

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