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Dr Susan Joyce is a faculty member in the School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at UCC and an Investigator in the APC Research Theme 4 Host- Microbe Dialogue. Susan’s main interest is in microbial systems that cross talk with your own cells . Susan has a historical interest in these interactions using simple and complex models to determine genetic regulators and molecules that dictate these interactions.  Her work has included reconstructing the regulation of symbiosis factors as well as the genetic basis of the antibiotic, stilbene, assigning an interactive role including anti-inflammatory effects.  More recently, her interests include modification of dietary components (fibres)and host produced molecules (bile acids) for responses and cross communication in health and disease.  Her work has developed new connections in inflammation, body clock and in weight gain.
Susan is a partner for a number of international projects focused on microbial cross talk for health and disease including DAFM/DEARA/FDA project to enhance animal bulking without the use of antibiotics, Joint Program Initiative CABALA for health examining the influence of food and microbe derived molecules and the international SOPHIA project (Stratification of Obese Phenotypes to Optimize Future Obesity Therapy), which aims to improve risk assessment of complications of obesity and predict treatment response for people with obesity.  Other national projects include Fibre MET with University of Limerick and examining inflammatory bowel disease hallmarks through metabolism with colleagues in UCC and APC.
Susan has a B.Sc from NUI Maynooth in Biology and Mathematics and a research PhD in host-microbe interactions. She was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship to examine cis and trans acting factors affecting mRNA synthesis and microbial gene expression at the Ecole Normal Superieure, Paris which included a stint at the Max Planck Institute, Berlin. Before returning to UCC, Susan was a postdoctoral scientist at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Bath, UK



Susan Joyce

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