Silvia Melgar


Dr Silvia Melgar is a senior research fellow and funded investigator in the APC Microbiome Ireland. She earned a PhD in Immunology, Umea University, Sweden, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship and senior research scientist position at AstraZeneca, R&D, Sweden. Dr Melgar was a principal scientist/in vivo research coordinator under the collaboration between GlaxoSmithKline and the APC. Dr Melgar has a h-Index 36 (Google Scholar) and has published 73 peer-review articles, reviews and book chapters in the areas of immunology, pharmacology, gastroenterology, and microbiology and in high impact journals including Gut Microbes, Microbiome, Nature Communications, Mucosal Immunology, Frontiers Immunology, Cell Death and Disease, Journal of Control Release and Cell Reports.


Research Interests

Her research aims to identify molecular mechanisms regulated by inflammation (Flood et al, 2022; Hall et al, 2013; Melgar et al, 2005); environmental factors such as diet and dietary components (O’Mahony et al, 2023; Saiz-Gonzalo et al, 2021) and by bacteria and bacterial metabolites (Singh et al, 2023; O’Mahony et al, 2023; Saiz-Gonzalo et al, 2021; Aguilera et al, 2021; and Ryan et al, 2020) in intestinal disorders including inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer and metabolic conditions. Her group uses a combination of in vitro cell systems, primary ex vivo cultures such as organoids and in vivo preclinical models. Her research is funded by Science Foundation Ireland, Health Research Board (HRB), Irish Research Council (IRC) and the European Commission (MSCA & Horizon Europe).

APC Microbiome Ireland

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