Promi Das


Promi Das, a subject-matter expert in Microbiome Science earned her Ph.D. degree in Systems Biology with a strong theoretical foundation in Microbiology (M.Sc.) and Biotechnology (MTech).  Prior to joining APC Microbiome Ireland, she was a Program Manager of Research Operations at University of California San Diego. Her postdoctoral journey has contributed to developing skills that combines expertise in project management (pre-clinical research and clinical trial operations in health science), and stakeholder management. She specializes in overseeing complex projects in different lifecycles that require academic and industrial collaboration (at national and international level) with various stakeholders, including medical professionals, regulatory bodies, and cross-functional teams.

She values team collaboration, believing that a cohesive team is pivotal to project triumph. Her ability to inspire and motivate her team, combined with her skill in conflict resolution, fosters a positive work environment conducive to innovation and productivity. An avid proponent of continued learning, Promi keeps abreast of the latest trends and methodologies in project management, infusing her strategies with the most effective and cutting-edge practices.

Currently, Promi is responsible for project management of an ERC-Advanced Grant where bacteriocins would be explored as an alternative to combat antimicrobial resistance that target WHO and CDC priority pathogens.



Promi Das

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ERC Advanced Project Manager "BACtheWINNER"


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