Pauline Scanlan


Pauline has a degree in Plant and Microbial Biotechnology and a PhD in Medicine from University College Cork. In 2008 she moved to the Department of Zoology, Oxford where she spent four years working on a ERC funded project exploring the infection genetics of interactions between bacteria and bacteriophage. Following a return to Ireland, she successfully secured her own funding to take up a position as a Marie Curie Fellow at Moorepark, Teagasc. She joined the APC Microbiome Institute as a Royal Society-SFI University Research Fellow. Pauline has a diverse range of research interests including the role of the microbial eukaryotes such as Blastocystis and fungi in human health and disease as well as bacteria-phage coevolution. Her current research project focuses on the role of inter-species interactions and antagonistic coevolution in shaping the ecology and evolution (and ultimately inter-individual variation) of the gut microbiota.



Pauline Scanlan

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