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Marc McCarthy


Marc joined APC Microbiome Ireland (then Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre) in May 2007 as a Research Assistant and Operator of the High Throughput Robotics Platform. With a BSc in Food Science and Technology and Masters in Public Health and Epidemiology, Marc has been a member of the APC’s EPE Committee since joining and has worked as part of the Communications Team to spearhead the APC’s web and social media presence. He was awarded APC Education and Outreach Person of the Year in 2013.

In 2015, Marc took up the role of Research Support Officer where his focus was on implementation and management of the APC’s Instrumentation, A/V and I.T. needs.

In 2017, he took up the role of Systems Administrator for the APC, supporting its ever-expanding digital estate. As a member of the management team, he ensures APC’s digital infrastructure reflects the operational and security frameworks as defined by UCC’s central I.T. Services to ensure the digital needs of the Institute and its stakeholders are met. He oversees all client device purchasing, deployment and management, and liaises with central I.T. Services to ensure the appropriate use of IT facilities and adherence to UCC policies and procedures.

Going forward, the focus of Marc’s work in APC is to implement new procedures for a centralised research data infrastructure, encompassing both cloud and physical (data and computational) needs to support APCs world class research.



Marc McCarthy

Contact Details:


Systems Administrator


BSc in Food Science and Technology; Masters in Public Health and Epidemiology



APC Microbiome Ireland

Biosciences Building, University College Cork, Ireland,