Marc McCarthy


Marc is the High Throughput Robotics Specialist and Research Support Officer for the APC Microbiome Institute, is an active member of the Education and Outreach team for several years and was awarded APC Education and Outreach Person of the Year (2013).

Marc has spearheaded APC social media and YouTube presences, providing IT and graphic design for APC events e.g. The Experience of Illness, Science for All, Science Raps and a key member in the development and delivery of many APC outreach initiatives.

He is widely experienced in a number of different areas of science, with a primary degree in Food Science & Technology and a Masters in Public Health and Epidemiology, both studied in UCC. He has trained as part of the Explorers Education Programme with the Marine Institute, Galway, and been involved in the running of science summer camps in both UCC and the LifetimeLab. He has previous experience working in the field of network administration and IT Support of remote systems and is currently administrator to the APC Microbiome Institute, Food Industry Training Unit (UCC), the UCC School of Microbiology websites.

Marc has worked with UCC’s Multimedia students to develop apps for the APC on both iPad and Android platforms, the Microsoft Kinect and has recently secured a partnership between the APC Microbiome Institute Education and Outreach team and OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) to explore the development of virtual reality learning tools.

He has been involved in the organisation of the Science Raps competition since 2009 as well as the APC Droppin’ Science @ The Culture Club (DCOS Public Engagement Programme/ESOF 2012) and Rapping Science with APC & Stevie G (CuriousCity/DCOS Public Engagement Programme). As of September 2012, Marc is the Technical and Research representative for the College of SEFS (Science Engineering and Food Science) College Council.



Marc McCarthy

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Systems Administrator


BSc in Food Science and Technology; Masters in Public Health and Epidemiology



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