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Liam J Fanning PhD, DSc, FHEA is Professor in Immunovirology Department of Medicine, University College Cork. Prof. Fanning is Director of the Molecular Virology Diagnostic and Research Laboratory [MVDRL] and an APC Funded Investigator.. He was awarded his PhD on class switch recombination of immunoglobulin genes, 1992. Prof. Fanning received a DSc for his research in the combined fields of immunology and virology in 2017. Liam Spent time at the University of Toronto, Canada researching immunoglobulin gene rearrangement and immune system development before returning to Ireland.

Together with colleagues, he completed the set-up of the Hepatitis C diagnostic and research laboratory, which expanded into the MVDRL, within the Department of Medicine, University College Cork. Under Prof. Fanning’s directorship, diagnostics and research portfolios include immunovirology on viruses such as Hepatitis C & B, HIV, Human Papilloma virus and latterly SARS CoV2 and bacteriophage.  Prof Fanning’s current research explores humoral immune system recognition of the microbiomes in the gut and milk of humans and bovids.



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