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Elke Arendt


Professor Arendt is a native of Stuttgart, Germany. She graduated as an Engineer of Food Technology at Hohenheim University in 1988 (MSc.) and received her PhD from the same Institute in 1991. The same year, she moved to University College Cork (Ireland) as a postdoctoral scientist funded by a Marie Curie fellowship. In 1993, she was appointed as a faculty member at UCC where she established an externally-funded research group, which was consistently supported by grants from National, EU and industry sources. In 2007, she was awarded a DSc from the National University of Ireland for her published work in the area of fermented foods. In 2016, she was appointed as Principal Investigator at the APC Microbiome Institute. In her research field, she was listed as one of the most highly cited researchers in world in 2021, she has also been listed as on one of the top 10 Food Scientists in the world (SciVal, based on citations) and has a H-Index of 104 (Google Scholar). She lectures and carries out research in the areas of plant proteins, fibres, food and beverage products for specific health issues (IBS, Coeliac, obesity, diabetes etc.), ingredient and culture development, food and beverage fermentations. Prof Arendt is currently the head of a group of 22 research staff and PhD students. She has been instrumental in the commercialisation of food and beverage products as well as ingredient and starter cultures both in collaboration with start-up companies and multinationals.   

Publication record: approx.450 full-length peer-reviewed research papers;6 patents; 3 books;40 book chapters




Elke Arendt

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