Brendan Griffin


Currently a Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy as University College Cork. He completed his BSc. Pharm. degree (1992-96) and PhD in Pharmaceutics (1997-2001) at the School of Pharmacy in Trinity College Dublin. After working in pharmaceutical industry for a number of years (at Élan and Servier), he returned to academia in 2005. Dr. Griffin research interests focus on the development of optimised oral drug delivery systems. This includes lipid based formulations for enhancing bioavailability of poorly soluble drug compounds; design of nanoparticulate based drug delivery systems; targeted drug delivery to the colon and to the intestinal lymphatics. He continues to interact closely with the pharmaceutical industry and has a number of research collaborations with international partners. He is Project Coordinator of the €4m H2020 funded Marie Curie European Training Network PEARRL



Brendan Griffin

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