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Andrey Shkoporov


Andrey is a molecular microbiologist with special interest in the human gut phageome, microbiome, gut anaerobes, and beneficial microbes. He transitioned to a career in microbiology after obtaining a medical degree from Russian State Medical University. He also obtained a PhD in microbiology from the same university in 2009 and worked in Russia as a post- doctoral researcher on several projects. In 2015, he joined APC as a research fellow to work on the Gut Phageomics Spoke focusing on the role of human gut phageome in IBD. In 2020 he was awarded a Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellowship and an ERC Consolidator Grant to continue his research of bacteriophage communities in the human gut. In 2021 he was appointed Prof of Molecular Microbial Ecology at UCC. He has published 51 peer-reviewed papers, including 27 as a senior author and has an h-index of 19 (Google Scholar).



Andrey Shkoporov

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