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The effect of metric based feedback on novice performance of ultrasound guided nerve block.

Title: Effect of metric-based feedback on acquisition of needling skills relevant to performance of ultrasound-guided nerve blocks in simulation settings.

Investigating team: Sandeep Miglani and George Shorten

Background: Procedural errors constitute a significant proportion medical errors. Traditional time-based or process based training programmes are giving way to Competence Based Medical Education and Training (CBMET) which has greater emphasis on deliberate practice training and feedback to aid learning.

Objective: The objectives of this study are to compare the effects of metrics-based vs. standard (non metric based) feedback on novices learning to perform ultrasound-guided nerve blockade, in terms of needle advancement and injection in a simulated setting. 

Secondary objectives;

  1. to compare the difference in pre and post feedback performance between two groups by studying steps completed and errors committed at post-feedback performance 24 hrs later.
  2. to compare the difference in post feedback performance in two groups by studying steps completed and errors committed at post feedback performances.
  3. to compare the difference in two groups post feedback, in terms of scanning time and procedure time
  4. to compare the feedback time difference in two groups

Preliminary Results: Pending

Current Status: Recurtiment phase

Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine