Academic Policies

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Academic Policies Policy name/title/description  Academic Board  Academic Council 
Academic Council Research and Innovation Committee  Open Access to Publications Policy 26/10/2016 11/11/2016
Academic Council Teaching and Learning

Policy on Designing, Delivering & Assessing Group Work

Binding from academic year 2018/19

Academic Council Teaching and Learning Policy Framework for Digital Badges 25/10/2017  
Academic Programmes and Regulations Dual Awards - Conducting Due Diligence of Participating Institution’s Curriculum 07/12/2016  
Academic Programmes and Regulations Policy for Interdisciplinary Programmes and Disciplines in UCC 21/06/2017 17/12/2016
Academic Programmes and Regulations Proposal to Rationalise Marks and Standards 01/04/2015 19/06/2015
Academic Programmes and Regulations Temporary Cessation of an Academic Programme 10/02/2016 04/03/2016
Continuing Professional Development Centre for CPD - Governance, process and policy  07/12/2016  
Senior Vice Presdent Academic and Registrar  Promotion of UCC as a University of Sanctuary   06/10/2017

Student policies

Student Rules and other student policies website

Some of the newer approved polices below:

Student policies

Policy name/title/description 

Academic Board Academic Council
Student - Academic

Student Placement Policy and Procedures website

Placement Policy and Procedures are being gradually implemented in the University and will be fully applicable in September 2019.


08/02/2017 &
Student  - Academic

Student Complaints Policy website

A complaint under this Policy must relate to a specific concern or issue related to an academic programme and/or the actions of a member of staff of an academic unit staff.

02/06/2016 30/06/2017
Student Experience 

Academic Protocol for Responding to Students Who Encounter Difficulties on Study

Student Experience  Procedure for responding to reports of Missing Students 02/12/2015 &

Admissions policies

Link to Admissions Policies

Some of the newer approved polices below:

Admissions Policies Policy name/title/description  Academic Board Academic Council
Admissions  Amendment to Inter Institutional transfer to a year beyond 1st year 11/02/2015  06/03/2015
Admissions  Recognition of Non-Irish qualifications for entry to postgraduate programmes 13/04/2016  
Admissions  Chinese Students: English Language Proficiency 11/02/2015 06/06/2015
Admissions  UG Flexi-options Pre-Approval of Applications to Pre-Selected Module 02/06/2016  
Admissions  Changes to policy on students transferring into Medicine from other institution 02/06/2016  

Graduate Studies policies


Some of the newer approved polices below:

Graduate Studies PGR Dispute Resolution incorporating amendments   21/03/2018
Graduate Studies PhD by Prior Published Work: A Policy for a New Entry Mechanism  07/12/2016   
Graduate Studies Framework for Integrated Masters in UCC  10/02/2016  04/03/2016 
Graduate Studies Integrate PG Cert as part of the UCC PhD 26/10/2016  11/01/2016 
Graduate Studies Recognition of Prior Learning Policy for Admission to Research Degrees 16/09/2015   
Graduate Studies New Entry Pathway to CBL UG Programmes for Chinese Year 11 Students 26/10/2016   

Academic Secretariat

Rúnaíocht Acadúil

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