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Planned Meetings for UV4Growth Year 4

The meetings in Year 4 of the UV4Growth COST Action are planned as outlined below. Please be aware that some details may change as the meetings are finalised. The table will be updated when changes have been decided.

Further details of a meeting can be found by clicking on the meeting name.

Category Activity Organiser Where/When
Networking and Organisational Prep Meeting for Final Network Conference (organisers only)

Alenka Gaberscik & Marcel Jansen

Ljubljana, Slovenia; 11 October 2013
  FINAL MEETING & MC Meeting Alenka Gaberscik & Marcel Jansen Bled, Slovenia; 30 March - 2 April 2014
Reviewing WG4: Review Group: UV as a Tool to Combat Pests and Diseases David Ben-Yakir & Alberto Fereres Bet Dagan, Israel; 8 - 9 January 2014
  WG3: Review group: Effects of UV-A on Plants Dolors Verdaguer Girona, Spain; 27 - 28 February 2014
Coordinated Research Projects WG2 & WG3: Coordination of Trans-European Wine-Leaf Experiment Katharina Schoedl-Hummel Vienna, Austria; 28 - 30  October 2013
  WG1 & WG4: Coordination of Trans-European Arabidopsis Experiment Marie-Theres Hauser & Dylan Gwynn-Jones Vienna, Austria; 27 - 28 November 2013
Training WG2 & TG3: ESR Training Workshop HPLC-MS Analysis of Flavonoids Susanne Neugart Grossbeeren, Germany; 24 - 25 October 2013
  TG1: ESR Training Workshop Data Analysis; Applications to UV Research Pedro Aphalo Helsinki, Finland; 17 - 19 February 2014
Outreach TG2: Mini-Conference Horticultural Stakeholders Eva Rosenqvist Copenhagen, Denmark; 19 - 21 January 2014


UV4Growth Meetings Year 3

Many meetings will take place in year 3 of the UV4Growth COST Action, please click on individual meetings for more information.

Table of UV4Growth Meetings in Year 3

October 2012

05/10/12  Brno, Czech Republic - Preparatory Meeting for Network Meeting

06/10/12  Brno, Czech Republic - WG3: Review Plant Morphology

November 2012

10/11/12  Pecs, Hungary - WG3: Review ROS/Antioxidant Protocols

19-20/11/12 Helsinki, Finland - WG2: Review Flavonoid Protocols

28/11/12  Brussels, Belgium - Core group coordination meeting

December 2012

19/12/12 Copenhagen, Denmark - TG2:Development EU Outreach document

January 2013

10/01/13 Pecs, Hungary - WG2 + WG3: Development of trans-European-wine-leaf experiment

11/01/13  Pecs, Hungary - WG2: Review Flavonoids

25/01/13  Girona, Spain - WG4: Review

February 2013

5-7/02/13 Cologne, Germany - WG1: Training Workshop: Molecular Toolkit

13-15/02/13 Thessaloniki, Greece - WG2 Training Workshop: Phytochemical Analysis of UV-exposed Samples

March 2013

6-7/03/13 Munich, Germany - TG1 Training Workshop: Best practice in UV Technology

April 2013

15-16/04/13  Mikulov, Czech Republic - Annual Network Meeting

17-18/04/13 Mikulov, Czech Republic - Training Workshop: Presenting Data for ESR

UV4Growth Meetings Year 2

  • Workgroup 1 has organised a mini-conference in Glasgow, UK, on 1/2 May 2012 on "Acclimation to UV-B".

         Programme and Abstracts Glasgow 2012

  • Technical Group 2 has organised a Meeting on 29/30 April 2012 in Lancaster, UK, entitled "Improving protected crop production by exploiting plant responses to solar ultraviolet light: a meeting to connect research and end-users." The meeting was especially aiming to bring researchers and stake-holders together in order to promote communication and discussion.

          Programme and Report Lancaster 2012

  • Workgroup 4 has organised a Mini-Conference in Girona in Catalonia, Spain on 25/26 April 2012, titled "Plant responses to UV radiation: from individuals to ecosystems".

           Programme and Abstracts Girona April 2012

  • Technical Group UV-Technology (TG1) has organised a Training School in Malaga, Spain on 16-18 April 2012. The School was well attended and the extensive programme covered techniques and equipment for use and measurement of UV radiation, as well as practical demonstrations. Besides intense instruction there was also some time to meet with friends and colleagues in a pleasant atmosphere.

Programme and Publications Malaga 2012

  • Workgroup 3 has organised a Mini-Conference on "Plant responses to ultraviolet radiation - roles of antioxidants and pro-oxidants" on 2-3 February 2012.

Programme Copenhagen Feb 2012

         The Meeting was followed by a MC Meeting.

  • Workgroup 2 - Plant Metabolites, held a meeting in Cork, Ireland, on 23 - 24 November 2011.

          Book of Abstracts Cork Nov 2011 (673kB)

Vision Document Cork, Nov 2011

UV4Growth Meetings Year 1

The first Annual Meeting of the UV4Growth COST network took place on 6-9 February 2011 in Szeged (Hungary). Associated with the meeting, a MC meeting and a Training Workshop took place. The Annual Meeting attracted participants from all Countries involved with the network as well as experts from outside.

Network Meeting Szeged 2011 - Book of Abstracts