10/01/13 Pecs, Hungary - WG2 + WG3: GUN-wine leaf

10/01/13 Pecs, Hungary - WG2 + WG3: Development of trans-European wine-leaf experiment

A meeting will be held in Pécs, Hungary, by the Grapevine Ultraviolet Network, a small group within COST UV4growth. The group has two main aims:

(i) A comparative joint research on vine leaves collected from various European location in which correlations will be sought between local UV conditions, leaf antioxidant capacities and flavonoid and carotenoid content.

(ii) To disseminate information on beneficial effects of solar UV on table grape and wine.

The meeting in January will discuss preliminary results from the sampling network, possible publication of these in at scientific forums, as well as the format of a public (popular science) pamphlet and outline future collaboration.

Organiser Prof. Éva Hideg.

Please note that the meeting will be followed the next day by a meeting organised by WG2, on Flavonoids, organised by Prof. Monika Schreiner.