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Working Groups

UV4Growth Working Groups

The Action has 4 Working Groups, each focusing on different aspects of UV effects:

Working Group 1 - Nuclear Regulation by UV-B radiation

Molecular UV-events are especially studied by WG-1

UV-B mediated changes in metabolite profile, contribute to UV-B protection, but also have major consequences for human nutrition, as well as for tropic interactions. This Action focuses on exciting possibilities to exploit UV-B mediated regulation, for example to improve nutritional quality through post-harvest UV-treatment. This Action also looks at possibilities to develop more sustainable agricultural and horticultural systems, by exploiting UV-B induced tolerance to insect herbivory.

Most authors do now agree that under otherwise favourable conditions, ambient UV-B levels do not cause stress. On the contrary, UV-B induced physiological and morphological responses can induce substantial tolerance to stressors such as drought or heat, a phenomenon that may well be linked to subtle UV-B induced changes in morphology.

Working Group 2 - Metabolic Changes induced by UV-B

UV-B effects on metabolites are especially studied by WG-2, looking at the regulatory, UV-B-mediated control of nutritionally and/or pharmacologically relevant metabolites.

Working Group 3 - Organismal responses to UV-B radiation

UV-B effects on organisms are especially studied by WG-3, focuses on the regulation of plant growth and development by UV-B, mainly at organismal level.

Organismal UV-B responses will ultimately have consequences across trophic levels, and ultimately ecosystem structure and productivity. The current decades will be characterised by high levels of UV-B in the biosphere, against a background of increasing changes in the global climate. Knowledge of impacts and adaptation will be vital to inform policy-makers involved in environmental and agronomic management.

Working Group 4 - UV-B and Climate Change

UV-B effects across trophic levels are especially studied by WG-4

The UV4Growth Action centres on integration and cooperation across scientific disciplines and national borders. We aim to generate knowledge on the fundamentals of plant growth, food quality, and plant-environment interactions by studying UV-B mediated regulation of molecular, physiological, metabolic and ecological processes.

Other aims of the UV4Growth Action are;

  • to create an interdisciplinary, international training environment for ESRs
  • to coordinate the uptake of novel technological applications, and development of standardised experimental routines.