WG 4 Across Trophic Levels

UV-B and climate change (WG4)

This WG will generate knowledge about the interaction between UV-B regulated processes and effects of climate change. Most UV responses change dramatically (some synergistically) with alterations in other environmental parameters. On a global scale, such interactions are of key importance for agricultural and ecosystem productivity (food security, food web integrity). This work group will study UV-B plant photobiology in the context of climate change, and develop a vision on the importance of these interactions for agronomic practice, plant breeding, (protected)-crop management as well as habitat and conservation management. These studies will link organismal responses with those at the community and ecosystem level. Research in this WG has been organised to concentrate on three systems, the aquatic environment, foraging-dominated systems and communities of berry-carrying shrubs and trees.

Working Group 4 News

  • Programme of mini-conference available

Programme of mini-conference available The organisation of the WG4 Mini-Conference on "Plant responses to UV radiation: from individuals to ecosystems" is making good progress. Details on the meeting and the tentative programme can be found on our Meetings Page.

  • Planned WG4 meeting in Girona, Spain

Working Group 4 has announced that a Mini-conference will take place in Girona, Spain on 25 - 26 April 2012. The meeting will focus on ecological/environmental aspects of UV-biology. The local organiser for this meeting is DR. Laura Llorens. Further details will be announced shortly.