WG 2 Metabolites

UV-B-induced metabolic changes (WG2)

Recent data indicate that UV-B alters accumulation of a broad range of metabolites, in a coordinated manner. This WG will generate knowledge on the regulatory, UV-B-mediated control of nutritionally and/or pharmacologically relevant metabolites, including polyamines, tocopherols, and isoprenoids and glucosinolates. The profiles of metabolite accumulation, dose-response curves and accumulation kinetics, as well as consequences for food and feed quality, food safety, colour and flavour will be analysed. Optimizing phytochemical concentrations by targeted post-harvest UV-B applications can add health value, and generate new opportunities for growers and processors. UV-induced metabolites can modulate pest and/or pathogen sensitivity, and, therefore, offers potential for reducing pesticide applications.

This WG will integrate research into a series of focussed sub-packages that address the effects of UV on metabolism across a range of organisational scales, from gene-expression, via metabolites to food quality. Work will focus on model (incl. Arabidopsis thaliana) and horticulturally important target species. All sub-packages share a common foundation of UV methodologies. Of particular importance for this WG is the involvement of nutritional scientists, who will give feedback and advice on the dietary relevance of changes in plant metabolome.

Working Group 2 News

Cork Meeting Opens - Abstracts Available

The meeting entitled "MetabolUV - Interactive effects of UV-B radiation with abiotic and biotic factors" was opened today in Cork, Ireland. The meeting, which was organised by Working Group 2, will continue until tomorrow lunchtime, after which delegates will be offered a tour of UCC.

The Book of Abstracts of the meeting is now available from the section.