WG 1 Molecular

Nuclear regulation by UV-B radiation (WG 1)

This WG will produce a coherent vision of the molecular mechanisms underlying regulatory, UV-B-mediated control of growth. The emerging picture indicates that UV-B responses are controlled at two levels, at the level of gene expression and via a number of different regulatory circuits. This WG will generate a better understanding of UV-B perception, signal transduction, cell cycle adjustments, DNA and histone modification and transcription regulation, and will create opportunities to adjust growth, yield, and quality and stress tolerance of crops.

Working Group 1 News

  • Change of date of WG1 Meeting in Glasgow

Change of date of WG1 Meeting in Glasgow The WG1 Meeting that is planned to take place in Glasgow, will now take place on 1/2 May 2012. Further details follow as they come available.

  • Planned WG1 meeting in Glasgow

Planned WG1 meeting in Glasgow Working Group 1 has announced that a Mini-conference will take place on "Molecular aspects of UV perception and signalling". The meeting is planned for 25 - 26 April 2012 in Glasgow, UK. Local organiser is Prof. Gareth Jenkins. Further details will follow shortly.

  • Meeting call for abstracts

Meeting call for abstracts The organisers of the WG1 Mini-Conference on "Acclimation to UV-B" (Glasgow 1/2 May) are now calling for abstracts of presentations to be submitted. Details can be found on our page.